SOPs for nanoparticle dispersions

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Christina Glaubitz

Sehr geehrte / Sehr geehrter Gemeinsame Forschungsstelle,

Auf Basis der Informationsfreiheit in den EU-Verträgen, verbrieft in Verordnung 1049/2001, beantrage ich Dokumente, welche folgende Informationen enthalten:

I would like to have all published standard operating procedures (SOP) to disperse nano metal oxides (TiO2, SiO2, CeO2 and ZnO) from all European funded programs (e.g. from NanoDefine, NANoREG, PROTOcOL. NanoValid).

Mit freundlichem Gruß,
Christina Glaubitz

Joint Research Centre

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Dear Ms Glaubitz,
Thank you for contacting the European Commissions’ Joint Research Centre.
With respect to your query regarding SOPs for nanoparticle dispersions
(copied below),
To JRC's knowledge, all the published, publicly available SOPs produced by
EU-funded projects for the dispersion of nanomaterials are included in the
NANoREG Toolbox, a nanosafety tool inventory in Excel format that is
publicly available
at [1] In
attachment there is an excerpt from dataset in Excel format including only
the dispersion protocols. The SOPs that seem to fulfil the criteria given
have been coloured green, and they can be found in these project outputs:
The NanoDefine Methods Manual, Part 3 [2]
NANoREG Deliverable
2.06 [3]
Handbook [4]
We hope this is helpful,
Kind regards,
The NanoGovernance team of the JRC


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