Suspicion of crimes in the European Ombudsman Office.

Patryk Wysocki made this access to documents request to European Ombudsman

Currently waiting for a response from European Ombudsman, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

From: Patryk Wysocki


Dear European Ombudsman,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001 and the Ombudsman’s Decision, I am requesting documents and information:
- Which officials have received my requests for access to information and documents from: 27.02.2018 and 20.03.2018.
- What actions have been taken?
- Which officials issued a commands?
- On what legal basis they have been issued the commands?
- Why did not I receive confirmation of registration of these requests?
- Why did not I receive an answer in the required time?
- Did the Secretary General of the European Ombudsman Office know about this?
- Did the Commissioner know about this?
- I am requesting access to all office internal documents related to this.

I mean exactly these requests:
A. Request to the Ombudsman for information on which official is responsible for the request for review the complaint 1196/2018/JAP from 27.02.2018.
- Request for information why there is no answer from 20.03.2018.
A full history of my request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:
B. Request to the Mr. Papadiasa for information if he is still responsible for the request for review from 03.20.2018.
A full history of my request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:
C. Request for access to documents that may help explain why the Ombudsman uses false information from 27.02.2018.
- Repeat on 20.03.2018.
A full history of my request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

I request an explanation why there are no answers because

It is impossible even to try to explain and justify the no response by art. 14 (3) European Code of Good Administrative Behavior.
Mrs. Ombudsman wrote very clearly on 11.12.2018:
"Will leave your further correspondence regarding these wider issues of ELECTORAL CRIMES in Poland without a response."

1. The European Ombudsman Office confirmed that "ELECTORAL CRIMES" is a false information (11/02/2018).
- So, the decision of Mrs. Ombudsman is invalid, the decision was undermined.
- My correspondence with the European Commission did not concern "ELECTORAL CRIMES".
Neither the European Commission has ever considered it nor me. Complaint 1196/2018/JAP totally did not concern this topic.

2. As everyone can see, my requests did not relate to " ELECTORAL CRIMES in Poland" at all.
- Even C. request which concerned access to documents to clarify false information and why Mrs. Ombudsman uses them. This request is no response.

3. Use of art. 14 (3) in this situation would be a very serious ABUSE OF AUTHORITY and violation of EU law and the right and freedom of a Citizen of the European Union.
- It is an abuse of authority to take elementary rights from an EU citizen.
- It is an abuse of authority to block the possibility of contact between an EU citizen and EU institutions on other topics.
- It is an abuse of authority not to provide information on other topics, for example which official is responsible for the complaint.
- It is an abuse of authority to prevent a citizen of the Union from defending against crimes, lies, manipulation, etc.
- It is an abuse of authority to block access to documents.
a) Regulation 1049/2001 states very clearly in which cases access to documents can be denied and the institution is obliged to inform about the refusal.
b) EU institutions have no right to ignore requests for access to documents.
c) It is not required the justification the request for access to documents. So, no information in the justification can be the reason for refusing access to documents. Because this justification may not be, it is simple.
d) Regulation 1049/2001 guarantees the transparency and fairness of EU institutions. Institutions do not do crimes, so they have nothing to hide, it's simple too.
So, illegal not granting access to documents suggests that something is hidden. It means something bad has happened...

The European Ombudsman had great opportunities to show that I am wrong and explain everything to me but, as anyone can see, the European Ombudsman preferred to be silent.

The European Ombudsman was silent on earlier occasions for clarification and dialogue too.
a) Many times I asked for a detailed explanation and evidence support the conclusions of the European Ombudsman.
- There is always no answer.
b) I asked for an elementary level of fairness, reliability and impartiality in handling the complaint. (14.12.2018)
- There is no answer.
c) I hoped for a logical, honest and cultural dialogue and exchange of arguments with the person responsible for the request for review of the complaint.
d) I asked what I must do to prove to Mrs. Ombudsman that she is wrong and manipulated by her people. (14.12.2018)
- There is no answer.

As you can see, I tried to explain the situation. The European Ombudsman has never tried to solve the problem or help or not even talk like a normal human to human. The European Ombudsman does not want this. There is always no response.

So how can I understand that I am wrong and change my mind? I'M SORRY BUT A SILENCE AND A NOTHING IS TOO LITTLE FOR THIS !!!!

- Of course I know that some officials of European Ombudsman Office made me black PR.
- I understand that Mrs. Ombudsman prefers to believe her officials than some Citizen of the European Union.
- I'm not even surprised that Mrs. Ombudsman treats me like an enemy who tries to destroy her perfect world...
- But Mrs. Ombudsman, your own office has confirmed that you use false information!!!!
YOUR OWN OFFICE CONFIRMED THIS… and after all my requests (it does not matter what they are about) are even unregistered. Will you ignore these facts too?
- I am very sorry that the trusted Director of the Department betrayed Mrs Ombudsman and he in a very terrible way used your confidence to breaking rights but WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT?!?! (This is very unfair, humiliating and inhuman treatment!)

How can I defend against the crimes of EU officials and prove their crimes?
If I:
- From December 2018, I have no information about the request for review of the complaint.
- I do not even know who is responsible for the review of the complaint. Maybe some dishonest official again?
- I do not know who I can send additional evidence and information about violations in the Office of the European Ombudsman.
- Everyone can see that my requests were delivered to the Office of the European Ombudsman but were not registered. It is foolish to send new information if a dishonest official can delete it!!
- How can I defend myself against lies, manipulation of information and documents? If I have blocked access to documents?

I am very afraid that someone is doing all this specially to make a negative decision about the request for review of the complain to hide crimes. This is my opinion, as you can see in the history of my requests, no one even tried to explain.
Nothing has changed, there is no new evidence, so the decision does not change.
Especially when the decision of review is the final decision...
Yes, the final - but only if it was done legally!!
What is impossible in the current situation!

I do not know what the Ombudsman expects from me? That I will give up and I will forget about it, like nothing happened, do you?
Excuse me but it's impossible.
1. I will never let anyone lie and suggest that I have any other evidence and information! - Because this is a high danger for me.
2. I will never let the violation of my rights. - Because I am a Citizen of the European Union!
3. I will never let anyone make me an idiot. - Especialy in such an unwise way!

In this situation, I have to ask if I am still blocked by art. 14 (3)?
If YES... (I did not get any apologies). It will be necessary to explain this. Very well, this is a great example of how dishonest officials can easily and efficiently manipulate and influence to the decisions of the European Union Institution. I hoped that you would understand it yourself ...
Do not worry, it will be very easy. I can even bet with you.

Please give me your answer in English and a translation into Polish please add to the attachment, please.

Please confirm that you have received my request for access to documents and information and give me the register date of my request.

At your service,
Patryk Wysocki

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