Una Dirección General de la Comisión Europea, también conocido como DG TRADE

Esta dirección general de la Comisión es la encargada de la política comercial de la UE con terceros países.

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Review EU CARIFORUM EPA :The first CF EU EPA review is/was scheduled no later than October 2013
Solicitud de revisión interna enviada a Comercio por Joyce Naar en .

Esperando revisión interna.

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews. I am writing to request an internal review of Trade (TRADE)'s handl...
EU-Myanmar Investment Treaty
Respuesta por Comercio a Pietje Vervest el .

Éxito parcial.

Dear Mr Vervest,   Please find attached the letter of M. Jean-Luc Demarty, Director General of DG Trade, in reply to your request of access to doc...
Dear Mr Breetzke,   Please find attached the letter of M. Jean-Luc Demarty, Director General of DG Trade, in reply to your request of access to do...
Respuesta por Comercio a Joyce Naar el .

Usuario remitido a otra institución

Dear Mr Naar, I invite you to introduce a new request of access to documents for this new application, so that we can dispatch your request to the depa...
China's request for Market Economy Status
Respuesta por Comercio a Scott Brown el .

Esperando clasificación.

Please find in attachment a letter signed by Mr JL Demarty, General Director in DG Trade, and its annex, following your above-mentioned request to ac...
Investor-state disputes against EU member states
Respuesta por Comercio a Cecilia Olivet el .


Dear Ms Olivet,   Please find enclosed a reply to your request for access to documents submitted on 19/07/2013.   Best regards,   Silvia O...
Dear Ms Eberhardt,   Please find attached the third and last part of the Annexes.     Best regards,     Leopoldo RUBINACCI Head of Uni...
Sustainable Apparel Coalition
Respuesta por Comercio a Michael Veale el .

Información no disponible.

Dear Mr Veale. Thank you for your request for access to documents, registered under the above mentioned reference number. We regret to inform you tha...
High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth
Respuesta por Comercio a Pascoe Sabido el .


Dear Mr. Sabido,   Thank you for your access to documents request received on 27 February 2013 and registered as Gestdem 2013/1128, requesting acc...
DG TRADE contacts with Clifford Chance
Solicitud a Comercio por Rachel Tansey. Comentada por Rachel Tansey el .

Éxito parcial.

I received the following responses by email: Dear Ms Tansey, We have tried to contact you on the AskTheEU e-mail address but the email keeps coming...
Dear Mr Sabido, Thank you for your request. We kindly refer you to our previous reply in Request Gestdem 13/1192 where you have made a demand concerni...
As you will see from the response I received, there is no official documented mandate, and the information relating to the informal mandate - such that...
list of meetings with European Services Forum in 2012
Solicitud a Comercio por Pia Eberhardt. Comentada por Pia Eberhardt el .

Éxito parcial.

The request was only partially successful because the list of meetings that DG Trade provided us with was incomplete. From internal ESF files we know t...
Dear Ms Eberhardt, Further to your request for access to documents, please find herewith the reply signed by Holger Standertskjold-Nordenstam, Head of...
Annual Activity Reports 2011 of officially supported Export Credit Agencies
Respuesta por Comercio a Merel Krediet el .

Éxito parcial.

Dear Mr Krediet,   Please find attached the documents you requested.   Kind regards   Cesarie MUKARUGWIZA Secretary [1]Description: ht...
Ethics guide for staff
Respuesta por Comercio a Vicky Cann el .


And the last one.   From: TRADE ACCES DOCUMENTS Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012 3:18 PM To: 'Vicky Cann ([FOI #101 email])' Subject: Access to docu...
Article 16, Staff Regulations
Respuesta por Comercio a Vicky Cann el .


Dear Ms Cann,    Thank you for your email dated 8th February 2012 and registered as Gestdem 2012/676 requesting access to documents under Regulat...
negotiation mandate EU India free trade agreement
Respuesta por Comercio a Helen Darbishire el .

Éxito parcial.

 Ms Darbishire,   please find enclosed the reply to your request n°2011/5002.   Best Regards Philippe GOYARD Ref. Ares(2011)1100269 - 17/10/201...

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