Representación Permanente de Italia

Un Representante Permanente de un Estado Miembro de la UE

Permanent Representatives of Member States to the EU are national officials which work on EU matters and are based in Brussels, but which would technically fall under national Freedom of Information/Access to Documents laws. The main task of Permanent Representations to the EU is to ensure national interests and policies are pursued as effectively as possible in the EU. National Freedom of Information Laws have varying time limits for answering requests. To find out more about your national law, visit Access Info's and the Centre for Law and Democracy's Global Right to Information Rating at

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List of meetings
Seguimiento enviado a Representación Permanente de Italia por Luisa Izuzquiza el .

Muy retrasada.

On 6 April 2018 I filed the following information request under the Italian Freedom of Information Act: "How many meetings have employees of the I...
Request for documents
Solicitud enviada a Representación Permanente de Italia por Vincent Harmsen el .

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-All correspondence (letters, emails, etc) and minutes of meetings (or any other reports of such meetings) where the EU criteria for the identifi...
Sugar Related Policy Measures - Italy
Solicitud enviada a Representación Permanente de Italia por kasia el .

Muy retrasada.

Under Italian freedom of information rules, I request a list of meetings with detailed minutes or any other reports of such meetings between membe...
Please disregard the regulation cited in my request. The correct regulation is the Regolamento per la Disciplina delle Modalità di Esercizio Legge....
Italian Sport Grants
Solicitud de revisión interna enviada a Representación Permanente de Italia por Tommy Rooney en .

Esperando revisión interna.

By Law, you are required to respond to my request. Currently you are 6 days late. Please respond with the information requested as soon as possibl...
The percentage of women working in the public sector, in non-elected leadership or management roles. Yours faithfully, Rebecca Sims-Robinson...
Drug programme Pakistan funded by Italy
Solicitud enviada a Representación Permanente de Italia por Maya Foa el .

Muy retrasada.

This is a request for records in accordance with Chapter V of Law No. 241, amended in 2005. I am writing to request copies of all documents that...

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