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mardi 27 juillet 2021 12:06:09
After an exchange on the pandemic and the progress on vaccinations, Apple CEO explained their
contribution to the European digital economy.
· The Apple Developers Academy in Naples is going well, Apple focuses a lot on education as
a great equaliser
· Development in the Apple environment has generated 1.5 million jobs on the continent
despite the pandemic
· Apple is showing its commitment to privacy protection in their products
· In anticipation of the DSA, Apple engages in curation of apps in the app store to keep illegal
content out
· In the DMA, Apple signals serious concerns as regards the sideloading provision. Happy to
provide additional info to the team
· On semiconductors, Apple is always going for the leading edge, currently at 5 nm, going
towards 2 nm by 2024
The Commissioner appreciates that the CEO’s concerns are not only about shareholders but also
about what the company brings to society at large.
He restated that as a regulator he will pursue and protect the interests of European citizens. In
this regards, he is open to listen to everyone, but he appreciates it when businesses
acknowledge that, adopt a cooperative approach and start preparing to comply with the
upcoming new regulations.
The new platforms rules are proportioned and aim to address specific and well documented
problems without going beyond what is necessary. For example structural separation remedies
are tools of compliance, not an end in itself. Some ideas discussed outside of Europe seem in fact
to be more far reaching.