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Ref. Ares(2022)3545646 - 10/05/2022
Cabinet of Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis 
Meeting with European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations 
European (EFPIA) 
Minutes of the meeting: 
On TRIPS waiver, EFPIA underlined that the main question in terms of COVID vaccines now 
is about access and distribution given production is gearing up. Both in the short-term but also 
in the medium to long-term, where there also is being developed treatments, which should 
also be made broadly available. They expect 9,3 billion vaccines shots to be produced 
globally at the end of October, and a total production in 2021 of 12 billion vaccines. 54% of 
EU production will go to export, which indicated the EU and the pharma industries 
commitments to deliver vaccines to third countries. EFPIA fully support the commitment of 
the G20 of sharing vaccines. The question therefore is now not about increasing production 
but to ensure distribution of the vaccines.  
The intellectual property system and patents have been instrumental to channel the private 
investments into the development of vaccines according to EFPIA, and it should be seen as a 
prerequisite for the successful development of the four approved vaccines, with more on the 
way. Likewise, there have been over 300 voluntary licensing agreements for production in 
third party factories.  
On the TTC, EFPIA welcomed the initiative and its establishment. They argued that the work 
should include work on supply chain resilience. The way forward, inspired by the US, could 
be to incentivise increased resilience in supply chains, although this should not mean 
protectionist measures.  
As for the trade negotiations with New Zealand, EFPIA was interested in the intellectual 
property and its place in the deal. They noted that New Zealand had a much weaker system 
that the EU or US, and the FTA would help to align with EU, including on the way of 
calculating the patents’ duration (the 8+2+1 years).  
Topics: Pharmaceutical sector – trade related issues 
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