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Director General Matthias Ruete 
European Commission - DG Home Affairs - Unit A2 
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14/7726 - SEK 
Report on the application of the implementing decision on internal border 
According to the Council’s decision dated 11. November 2016, Norway continues to 
carry out border controls in ports with ferry connections with Sweden, Denmark and 
Germany. Border controls are targeted and limited in scope, frequency, location and 
time, to what is strictly necessary to respond to the threat and to safeguard public policy 
and internal security. 
Following an operational order from the National Police Directorate to the Chiefs of 
police and Chiefs of specialist units of 10 June 2016, the police shall be present at all 
ferry arrivals. Controls of individuals are "intelligence based", meaning that they are 
based on profiling of passenger lists in Safe Sea Net (SSN) and on other relevant 
intelligence information. Controls are not to be based solely on the passenger 
belonging to a specific ethnic or religious group.  
Based on these orders it is up to the local police districts to perform the controls 
according to the specific situation in terms of the character of the ferry connections, 
and risk assessment. The focus is on prevention through visible presence of the Police 
while at the same time minimizing the use of resources, and at the same time acting in 
accordance with the commitments in the Schengen Border Code, as well as national 
interests in terms of control of territory and internal security. The impact on regular 
traffic is minimal. 
During the period from 11. December 2016 until 11. January 2017, passenger lists with 
a total of 157 257 persons have been checked, 10 persons have been investigated 
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further. No one has been refused entry following the border controls in this period.  
Furthermore,  no asylum applications have been lodged following a control situation. 
The necessity, frequency and location of the controls are reviewed weekly.  
Yours sincerely 
Dag Egil Adamsen  
Deputy Director General 
Siri Eide Krosby 
Senior Adviser 
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