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Skapat den  
Sveavägen 59 
Box 350, SE-101 26 Stockholm, Sweden 
Riksförbundet för homosexuellas, bisexuellas och transpersoners rättigheter 
The Swedish federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights 
Member of The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and 
Intersex Association (ILGA) 
+46 8 50 162 900 
[email address] 
RFSL Info & Media AB 
+46 8 50 162 910 
1. Title of Fundamental Rights and Citizenship 
[email address] 
Programme 2008 project and name of coordinating 
+46 8 50 162 999 
The Danish Institute for Human Rights  
2. Name of partner organisation (Full legal name): 
The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Biexual and Trangender Rights 
3. Contact details of the partner organisation (contact 
person, address, telephone, e-mail address): 
Contact person: Anneli Svensson / Maria Sjödin 
Adress: RFSL, Box 350, SE-10126 Stockholm, Sweden 
Phone: +46-8-501 629 00 
E-mail: [email address] 
[email address] and [email address] 
4. Specific role that the partner organisation will play in 
this project (maximum 10 lines) 
RFSL’s role is to share knowledge, experience and practices regarding hate 
crime to the project team and other beneficiaries, facilitate contact with hate 
crime victims for focus group interviews and participate in a conference (in 
Copenhagen) with NGOs and police representatives . RFSL will also 
disseminate information material, participate in a training session with police 
and participate in a workshop for a mid-term assessment of the project. 
5. Reasons why the partner is suitable to play this role: 
For more than 10 years RFSL has run a crime victims hotline  
6. Persons responsible for participation in this project: 
Name: Anneli Svensson 
Function in organisation: Crime Victim’s hotline, project manager 

2 (3) 
7. Financial contributions to project (please specify1): NONE / EUR  
2400 Euros 
•  I  certify  that  the  information  in  this  proposal  about  my  organisation  is 
accurate and complete. 
•  I declare I have read and accept the rules governing this call for proposals. 
I  will  grant  power  of  attorney  to  the  applicant  (coordinator)  mentioned 
above, to act in my name and on my behalf in signing the possible grant 
agreement  and  its  possible  subsequent  riders  with  the  European 
Commission. I will be bound by the terms of this grant agreement. 
•  I declare that I am aware and agree that in case of a successful evaluation, 
the Commission shall, subject to payment arrangements, pay the grant in 
full  to  the  coordinator  which  is  entitled  to  receive  funds  from  the 
Commission  and  distribute  the  amounts  corresponding  to  the  partners' 
participation in the action. 
•  I declare that I am aware that, except in cases of force majeure, as provided 
for  in  the  standard  grant  agreement,  I  shall  make  good  any  damage 
sustained  by  the  Commission  as  a  result  of  the  execution  or  faulty 
execution of my obligations.  
•  In  particular,  I  accept  in  advance  on-the-spot  checks  and  inspections  by 
Commission  departments,  the  European  Anti-fraud  Office  (OLAF)  and 
the European Court of Auditors 
I, the undersigned, certify on my honour that: 
The  partner  organisation  is  not  in  one  of  the  situations  which  would 

exclude  it  from  taking  part  in  a  Community  grant  programme  and 
accordingly declare that the organisation: 
•  is not bankrupt or being wound up, is not having its affairs administered by 
the  courts,  has  not  entered  into  an  arrangement  with  creditors  or 
suspended business activities, and is not in any analogous situation arising 
from a similar procedure provided for in national legislation or regulations; 
•  has not been convicted of an offence concerning its professional conduct 
by a judgment which has the force of res judicata
1  This amount should be consistent with the one in the sheet R of the Â« budget form Â» 

3 (3) 
•  is not guilty of grave professional misconduct proven by any means which 
the contracting authority can justify; 
•  has  met  its  obligations  relating  to  the  payment  of  social  security 
contributions  or  taxes  under  the  legislation  of  the  country  in  which  it  is 
established  or  with  those  of  the  country  of  the  contracting  authority  or 
those of the country where the contract is to the performed; 
•  has not been the subject of a judgment which has the force of res judicata 
for fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organisation or any other 
illegal activity detrimental to the Communities' financial interests; 
•  is not currently subject to an administrative penalty; 
•  has  not  been  declared  to  be  in  serious  breach  of  contract  for  failure  to 
comply with its contractual obligations subsequent to another procurement 
procedure or grant award procedure financed by the Community budget. 
I  have  been  informed  that,  under  the  Financial  Regulation  1605/2002  of  25 
June  20022    applicable  to  the  general  budget  of  the  European  Communities, 
contracts may not be awarded to candidates who, during the procedure: 
•  are subject to a conflict of interest; 
•  are guilty of serious misrepresentation in supplying the information 
required by 
the  contracting  authority  as  a  condition  of  participation  in  the  contract 
procedure or fail to supply this information. 
Authorised signatory of the partner organisation: 
Title (Mr, Mrs, Pr, etc.):  
Name and Surname: 
Sören Juvas 
Position in the partner organisation: 
Date : 
April 17, 2009 
Signature :   
Title (Mr, Mrs, Pr, etc.):  
Name and Surname: 
Madelaine Vilgren 
Position in the partner organisation: 
National treasurer 
Date : 
April 17, 2009 
Signature :   
Official Journal L 248, 16.9.2002.