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Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2016 1:40 PM 
Subject: FW: Update on the Milk Project 
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Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 6:14 PM 
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Subject: Update on the Milk Project 
As per your request, please see below for an update on the milk project.  
Please let us know if you have any questions. 
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Update on Donation of Milk – 19 September 2016 
As detailed in the update on 1 August 2016 (see below for ease of reference), WFP’s Procurement Unit in 
HQ has concluded the tendering process which was followed by the signing of contracts with two suppliers 
located in Portugal and Ireland respectively. All contractual requirements including the marking of the 
cartons have been clarified and finalized.  
Preliminary plans called for the first batch of milk to arrive at Lattakia Port in Syria in mid-August. However, 
due to challenges faced with Syrian customs regulations, the first shipment is currently held up at the port of 
origin (Portugal) and is expected to arrive in Syria by early October.   
All issues related to testing were resolved. Standard lab tests will be undertaken of the commodity upon 
arrival at port.  
Supply Chain and Implementation Timeline 
The first and second batches will be received in Lattakia Port from October onwards. They are expected to 
clear customs and lab requirements within ten days.  

The new academic school year commenced during the week of 18 September, but due to the delays WFP 
will not be able to commence the distribution in schools in Homs, Rural Damascus, Lattakia, Hama, Tartous, 
Damascus and Aleppo as initially planned. However, as planned from the beginning, the bulk of distributions 
will take place between December and March, therefore any negative impact of this delay is relatively minor 
as per the implementation plan.  
The modality for implementation continues to remain the same as explained earlier i.e. deliveries will be 
done by WFP, but the storage and daily distribution of the milk together with the fortified date bars will be 
the responsibility of the schools. Since the weather is cooling across Syria, it will be easier to dispatch the 
shipments of milk to all targeted areas as planned.  
Update on Donation of Milk – 1 August 2016 
Status of carton design 
All designs have been approved, and everything is cleared from WFP for the two suppliers for both the tetra 
pack containers and the carton boxes. Finalized on 19 July 2016.  
Status of finalization of product specifications 
Product specifications were finalized in the beginning of June, and the tenders were issued shortly 
thereafter based on the agreed upon specifications. 
Brief overview of tendering process and country of origin 
•         The first tender was issued on 8 June covering the requirement for the months of September to 
November 2016. A total of nine companies from the approved vendor list were invited, and two 
companies were awarded contracts: 
-           Hoogwegt, Netherlands - Trader (producer is Lactogal based in Portugal), 
-           Glanbia, Ireland; 
•         The second tender was finalized during the last week of July for the quantity covering the period 
December 2016 to January 2017. A total of ten companies were invited to tender, and the contracted 
was awarded to one supplier: 
-           Hoogwegt, Netherlands - Trader (producer is Lactogal based in Portugal) 
•         Consequently, the countries of origin for the first tender will be Portugal and Ireland and for the second 
tender it will be Portugal 
Supply chain 
The first batch is expected to be delivered to Syria in September in time for the school start in September.  
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