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Ref. Ares(2016)5939254 - 14/10/2016
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art 4(1)(b)
Report - meeting with the UK Law Societies on EU-Asia trade relations 
On 12 October 2016, the undersigned met with representatives from the office of 
the UK Law Societies art 4(1)(b)
The meeting focused on the state of play of FTA negotiations with India, ASEAN 
Member States, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan as well as the of the 
trade relations with China, with particular focus on trade in services, including in 
the legal services sector.  
art 4(1)(b)
From: art 4(1)(b)
Sent: 12 September 2016 15:34 
To: '

art 4(1)(b)
Subject: Request for a meeting with the UK Law Societies 
Dear  art 4(1)(b)

I hope this message finds you well. I was wondering if you and / or your colleagues would be 
available for a meeting (or several meetings) on the afternoon of 12 October. We are very 
interested in the progress of trade negotiations in Japan and South Korea; however, we are also 
quite interested in China, Hong Kong and Australia. Our office in Brussels has been in regular 
contact with DG Trade, especially in relation to TTIP and TiSA and the overall dossier of 
professional services. 
The Law Society of England and Wales is a professional body of solicitors and its international 
department maintains relationship with its members and bar associations around the world. Our 
main interests are practising rights of solicitors in different jurisdictions and we would be happy to 
share some of our experiences in working with our members in countries mentioned above. My 
colleague art 4(1)(b)
 who is our policy adviser on Far East and Australia and New Zealand will 
be in Brussels in the afternoon of 12 October. I thought it would be a good opportunity for her and 
myself to meet key persons responsible for these countries and to discuss latest developments. 
If you have any questions or need more information about the Law Society, please do not 
hesitate to contact me. 
With kind regards, 
art 4(1)(b)
EU Professional Practice Policy Advisor 
Advance notice of business travel: 13 September, 27-29 September 
Joint Brussels Office of the Law Societies 

art 4(1)(b)
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium 
art 4(1)(b)
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Law Society of England and Wales: 38020227042-38 
Law Society of Scotland: 80169287043-57 
Law Society of Northern Ireland: 07797487044-04 

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