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RE: prep call EFILA panel 18 December 17.00 Brussels time
lundi 3 décembre 2018 09:14:00
Works for me. I doubt I'll have an outline by then, but will circulate it if I have it. I would intend to make the
case for a multilateral investment court, in a similar way to what Commissioner Malmstrom did a couple of
weeks ago, but going into a bit more depth than she did.
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Best wishes, 
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Subject: Re: prep call EFILA panel 18 December 17.00 Brussels time
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Good morning 
That timing would be fine with me.
Best wishes,
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Good morning to all of you,
It seems that 18 December 17.00 Brussels time is the perfect slot for all of us.
I think we need no more than 30 min.
Would that work for all of you?
If so, we would then circulate the dial-in details.
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: if you have something of an outline of your keynote that you could already share with us that would be
most welcome.
Many thanks for your availability.
Kind regards,
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