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Sent: Monday, March 05, 2018 6:58 PM 
Subject: BlackRock Meeting Request - Spring IMF meetings in Washington 
Dear Vice President Dombrovskis,  
You very kindly met with 
 in the fringes of the IMF Washington 
meetings last October, which she greatly appreciated.  She has asked me to enquire 
whether you might be participating in the Spring IMF meetings, and if so, whether 
diaries might permit a short meeting.  As a reminder, 
, and now leads both the firm’s public policy and its corporate 
governance efforts.  I attach a letter that 
 recently sent to the 
CEOs of a number of the largest companies in which we invest our clients monies on 
their behalf.  The letter sets out our approach towards corporate governance.  This 
seeks to deepen communication between shareholders and companies and to 
encourage company boards to articulate their strategic framework for long term value 
creation, their purpose and approach to managing environmental, social and 
governance matters.   
 should be grateful were a meeting with you to be feasible. 
Kind regards, 
 | BlackRock 
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