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Cabinet of Commissioner Kadri SIMSON - Minutes of Meeting 
Ref. Ares(2020)7906432 - 23/12/2020
Meeting between Commissioner Kadri Simson and ENGIE representatives 
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COM: Commissioner Simson ; Thor-Sten Vertmann ; 
Ares initial request : (2020)707043 
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Issues raised 
Points of discussion 
& follow-up 
Commissioner Simson: 
Commission will adopt Energy System Integration and Hydrogen strategies tomorrow / 
8 July. 
ESI as the roadmap for energy policy of the current Commission. 
Three pillars: energy efficiency and circularity; electrification; renewable fuels for hard 
to electrify sectors. 
Other priorities by end-year: Offshore; Renovation Wave. 
Claire Waysand: 
ENGIE’s views are largely converging with views expressed in ESI and H2 strategies. 
ENGIE is very involved in the development of biomethane and green hydrogen. Also 
renewable electricity and nuclear. 
We have to be careful about the role of electricity in heating. Risks of increasing peak 
In the short run, natural gas plays a role to decarbonise our system – in those countries 
operating coal plants. 
Need for a proper regulatory framework and funding framework at EU level to support 
the deployment of green gases, especially biomethane. Also in the short-term context of post-
Covid recovery. There are strong pipelines of projects ready to start in several EU MS. 
Overall, best trajectory to decarbonisation is to rely on “both feet”, electricity and gas. 
Taxonomy should recognize that. 
The framework should enable a variety of technologies to grow and compete.  
ENGIE supports a floor for carbon pricing. The mechanism should be robust and simple. 
Not needed to create new tools, new taxes, but use existing instruments.