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Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 8:49 PM 
To: SCOPPIO Maria Elena (CAB‐GENTILONI) <Maria‐xxxxx.xxxxxxx@xx.xxxxxx.xx> 
Subject: RE: Request for a short call  
Dear Mrs Scoppio,  
Thanks very much for your swift response.  
I would be glad to speak then. Shall I send you a webex, or is there a preferred number I may call you on? 
Best wishes for the long weekend, 
From: Maria‐xxxxx.xxxxxxx@xx.xxxxxx.xx <Maria‐xxxxx.xxxxxxx@xx.xxxxxx.xx>  
Sent: woensdag 20 mei 2020 20:21 
Subject: RE: Request for a short call  
Dear Ms 

I can suggest a short teleconference via Webex next Wednesday 27th at 15.30. 
Thanks and best 
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 10:17 AM 
To: SCOPPIO Maria Elena (CAB‐GENTILONI) <Maria‐xxxxx.xxxxxxx@xx.xxxxxx.xx> 
Subject: Request for a short call  
Dear Mrs Scoppio,  
I am contacting you with a request for a brief call, regarding the EU ETS State Aid Guidelines on indirect cost 
We are quite concerned that we have not received any feedback from DG Competition. 
The proposed removal of NACE 20.14 (petrochemicals) from the list of eligible sectors based on the recent 
analysis carried out by the Commission Consultants was in many ways incomplete/contains margins for error 
and there are risks of competition distortion where 20.14 is no longer on the list, but its linked value chain are 
included on this list. With our submissions, together with Cefic, we intended to fill the obvious knowledge gaps 
and are worried that our evidence might not have been duly recognized. 
Kind regards, met vriendelijke groeten, 


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