This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Sandra Gallina meeting with EFPIA'.

Date: 12/02/2021 
Subject: phone call with EFPIA 
Participants: DG SANTE: Sandra Gallina (SG), Pierre Delsaux (PD), 
 – EFPIA: 

Export licensing 
SG presented the origin, rationale and functioning of the export-licensing 
scheme, aimed to ensure transparency of flows of vaccines. 
 presented EFPIA’s perspective. EFPIA supports transparency, but is 
concerned by potential delays caused by the export authorisation process. 
An EFPIA WG will discuss possibilities to speed up the export authorisation 

Structured approach to manufacturing / IP 
EFPIA will announce initiatives on IP, to avoid compulsory licensing. In IT, 
companies will announce that they are available to produce vaccines. Other MS 
may follow. 
EFPIA would welcome a structured approach to vaccine production capacity. 
Commissioner Breton is looking into possibilities of increasing production 
PD informed about an upcoming Communication on bio preparedness, with 
emphasis on variants and agile production capacity. 

Pharma strategy 
EFPIA to identify date with PD for ‘pipeline review’ event. EFPIA calls for a forum 
to discuss concrete proposals under the strategy. 
SG indicated the importance for pharma to assume its societal responsibility, 
help address the problems of access to medicines in the smaller markets (notably 
post BREXIT) and actively contribute to the pharmaceutical strategy.  Important 
to ‘fix’ the system together. 
EFPIA is working on measures to improve transparency and access to medicines. 

EFPIA is preparing feedback on the inception impact assessment to share with 
the Commission next week.