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Friday, 4 September 2020 10:04

EDA Staff Committee; 
Consultation on post-employment activity in line with Article 18
Dear colleagues, 
This is to follow up on our meeting of yesterday and, on behalf of EDA management, to thank you again for the 
constructive and professional approach you have shown in the consultation on this sensitive matter, particularly in 
light of the short time frame. 
Your concerns regarding the impact of this situation both vis-à-vis the Agency’s external stakeholders and staff is 
well noted. 
We would like to assure you, once again, that EDA management is doing its utmost to provide the Head of Agency 
with all the necessary information to ensure a decision can be taken in the shortest possible time. 
We also take note of your recommendation to have a clear communication plan on this matter internally to staff 
members to address any remaining concerns they may have, and also externally to our Member States and 
stakeholders, including media outlets. We fully take the point that such communication is essential and will engage 
in this as soon as the Head of Agency has taken his decision.  
Once again, we would like to convey our sincere appreciation for the cooperative spirit the Staff Committee has 
shown in engaging with EDA management on this matter. 
Kind regards,