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Minutes - Meeting between 
Commissioner Breton, 13 April 2021 
Meeting between 
 and Commissioner Breton, 13 April 2021 
 introduces CCI and its activities. He ask about EU priorities in the industrial 
strategy and industrial ecosystems. He introduces main elements of the CCI Tribune on the 
related topic. 
Commissioner Breton outlines the objectives and structuring of the 14 industrial ecosystems, 
including analysis on the COVID impact. The concept proved very valuable in the COVID crisis. 
He presents main elements of the upcoming Industry Policy update in this context. 
Commissioner Breton clarifies the concept and objectives of IPCEIs and main areas of focus, 
which are narrower and more focused compared to industrial ecosystems. 
 explains CCI activities on the ground that could feed into the industrial 
ecosystems and IPCEIs. 
On stimulating investment, 
 asks whether Commission have plans for actions in 
the area of savings. Commissioner Breton refers to national policies, like taxation, that play an 
instrumental role. Commission is monitoring the measures taken by Member States. 
On Buy European Act, Commissioner Breton explains it is not a new topic. Much has improved 
for SME access to procurement with the procurement directives. He explains the main 
objectives behind the mapping of strategic dependencies requested by the European Council 
and to be presented with the industry strategy update. 
 thanks Commissioner Breton and invites him for a discussion with CCI at a next 
high level event.