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Meeting with the Euroepan fertilisers industry 
Online, 15 June 2021 
Meeting conclusions 
Visitors’ delegation:  
 Fertilisers Europe) and 
Grupa Azoty 
 OCI Nitrogen 
Kavala Fertilisers 
 Fertilisers Europe 
x  First EVP Timmermans 
x  M. Antoine Colombani, CAB Member. 
Objective of 
For the industry: to convince the First EVP that free allowances of CO2 
the meeting 
emissions under the Emissions Trading System shall remain in parallel 
to the future Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. 
For the First Vice President: to explain the state of play regarding the 
preparation of the proposal of CBAM, and stress that free allowances 
and CBAM cannot be combined in the long term. 
Issues raised 
& follow-up 
On the arguments used by the visitors 
x  Fertilisers industries suffer of a deficit of free allowances. 
x  Fertilisers industries can contribute to the Hydrogen strategy and de-
carbonisation through the production of green ammonia. 
x  If free CO2 allowances are not allowed for industries covered by the 
CBAM, the additional costs will be transferred to the end-user, i.e 
farmers. Even a 50% reduction of free allowances will not be 
acceptable. The competitiveness of the EU fertilisers industry (which 
exports significantly)  would be endangered. 
x  CBAM should cover also finished fertilisers, and especially all N-
Fertilisers, as well as all NH3 products. All the value chain should be 
x  The fertilisers industry need stability and predictability. If there is no 
right balance between free allowances and CBAM, investments will 
slow down. 
x  The fertilisers industry needs to be supported to manage its green 
x  European countries lack infrastructure regarding green energy, 
which will add on the challenge for the industry to become greener. 

On the answers given by First EVP Timmermans 
x  The Commission services are still designing the CBAM. 
x  The fertilisers industry is a good candidate to be covered by the 
x  There will be no “test sectors”, nor volunteer sectors. The 
Commission will make a proposal of sectors to be covered. 
x  In the long term, a combination of free allowances of CO2 emissions 
and CBAM will not work, as it would not be WTO-compatible. 
x  There will be a gradual phasing out of the free allowances and a 
gradual phase-in of the CBAM. 
x  The production of “green” hydrogen by the fertilisers industry is a 
tremendous opportunity. 
x  In our farm-to-fork strategy, we call for farmers to be much more 
precise when using fertilisers. We must help farmers to use less 
x  The National Recovery and Resilience Plans will help improve 
infrastructure, and support the green transition. That can help 
x  The adoption of the CBAM proposal by the College is planned for 14 
July. The discussions with the co-legislators will then start. 
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