Alliance Defending Freedom

Parlamento Europeo ha contestado y dice que tienes que remitir tu solicitud a otra institución.

Dear European Parliament,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

All correspondence with and internal mails/minutes between spanish MEPs of the EPP group and the NGO "Alliance Defending Freedom".

Yours faithfully,

Daniele Grasso

Registre, Parlamento Europeo

Dear Mr Grasso,

In response to your request for information of 17 May, we would like to
inform you that the Parliament does not keep records of meetings or
correspondance held between MEPs and interest representatives.

Indeed, according to Rule 104, paragraph 2, of the EP Rules of
Procedure, MEPs are responsible for their own correspondance and meeting
notes, and these are not considered as EP documents. You must therefore
address your request to specific MEPs' offices.

For your information, Parliament recommends that all interest
representatives interested in meeting with MEPs and EP staff sign up to
the Transparency Register, where there are currently almost 5,700
organisations registered. This is a joint initiative with the European
Commission to improve the transparency of interest representation in
Brussels. Indeed, the organisation you refer to is signed up to this
register. You can therefore find specific information about the interest
representation activities of this organisation here:

We hope that this information has been helpful for you.

Kind regards,

Transparency - Public Access to documents

Library and Document Management Directorate

DG Presidency

European Parliament

Dear Sr/Madam,

In the register I can't find anything more than the information about the organization itself. If it could be possible, I would like to recieve other information pertaining to the lobbying
efforts and pressure of Alliance Defending Freedom on
MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja, of this and the previous
legilatures. I understand that you can't provide me letters and mails, but maybe documents submitted by both or a register with their meetings.

Thanks again,

Yours sincerely,

Daniele Grasso

Registre, Parlamento Europeo

Our ref: A(2013)6313/MT/en

Dear Mr Grasso,

Following your request of 28 May 2013 for information regarding the
lobbying efforts and pressure of Alliance Defending Freedom on MEP Jaime
Mayor Oreja, of this and the previous legislatures, we regret to inform
you that such non-official documents are not recorded in any database of
the European Parliament.

Indeed, according to Rule 104 of the EP internal rules, 'Parliament
documents' do not include documents drawn up by individual Members
unless they are tabled under the Rules of Procedure. See here:

However, Mr Oreja has informed us that he is more than willing to
provide you with any information you may require on this issue if you
get in touch with his office.

You can find his contact information here:

Kind regards,

Transparency - Public Access to documents
& Relations with Interest Representaives Unit - European Parliament