Dear European Parliament,
Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting the following information.
The European Commission's work programme for 2020 announced a new comprehensive strategy with Africa to boost relations and deepen the partnership with a special focus on areas:
economic development (via trade),
good governance (including human rights),
human development (through public services for education, health, access to water and sanitation, gender equality, science, technology, and innovation),
security and the fight against terrorism,
migration and mobility, and
the environment (including climate change).
The resolution of 25 March 2021 on the sustainable and inclusive development aspects of the proposed new strategy with Africa supported the comprehensiveness of the strategy, provided it includes a monitoring mechanism involving civil society, local authorities, and national parliaments.
However, the text of the above-mentioned resolution does not provide details of the proposed monitoring mechanism.
Successful implementation of a new strategy with Africa requires the establishment of an effective mechanism for monitoring and evaluation. To ensure that the monitoring mechanism is effective, it is necessary to include involvement of key non-state actors (NSAs): civil society organizations, academic institutions, lobby groups, and others.
The Institute requests you to clarify or provide more information about the above-mentioned monitoring mechanism and current possibilities for national CSOs, NSAs to be involved in decision-making and monitoring processes of the new EU strategy with Africa.
Yours faithfully,

AccesDocs, Parlamento Europeo

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Our reference: 2022-196



Dear Dr Weretelnik,



your application for public access to documents was registered on 21
February 2022. All applications for public access to documents are treated
in compliance with Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 of 30 May 2001 regarding
public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents.


As a preliminary remark, we draw your attention to the fact that the scope
of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001, as defined in its Article 2(3), extends
only to existing documents held by an institution, whereas it does not
cover the broader concept of information. Information may be distinguished
from a document, in particular, as far as it is defined as a data element
that may appear in one or multiple documents.


If you would like to receive information about a specific area of
Parliament's activity, you may contact the citizens' enquiries unit, or
AskEP, [1]here.


All information regarding the drawing up of the report you refer to is
available on the legislative observatory [2]here. The Committee
responsible has a dedicated website regarding the strategy for a new
EU-Africa partnership [3]here. The Commission's website on the subject,
including on the latest summit, is available [4]here (information on the
global gateway investment package regarding Africa is available [5]here).


As an ancillary remark, we would like to point out that Parliament's call
for a monitoring mechanism in point 27 of Parliament's resolution of 25
March 2021 on a new EU-Africa Strategy is a broad call to ensure
transparency and accountability of Union funding in Africa. The
implementation of specific monitoring measures will however depend on the
individual funding mechanism in question. For example, that point may, on
the one hand, be relevant with regard to the [6]NDICI-Global Europe
regulation. If, on the other hand, some of the Union's special drawing
rights are re-channelled to Africa in the context of the global gateway
investment package (please see the relevant factsheet [7]here), related
funding will be made available via IMF trust funds and the relevant
monitoring measures for such funds will apply.


On this basis Parliament considers your request handled and the file
closed. Please do not hesitate to submit a new request should you identify
specific Parliament documents for which you would like to request public



Kind regards,



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European Parliament
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Affairs and Legislative Coordination
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