Follow up Annual Report 2012

La respuesta a esta solicitud está muy retrasada. Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea ya debería haber respondido (detalles). Puedes apelar pidiendo una revisión interna.

Dear European Court of Justice,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

1. All documents and information related to the measures taken by the court to adapt and / or correct its Annual Report 2012 (page 206 section 3 “Impartiality”) to the real facts and evidences, as provided by FRA through evidences disclosed to AsktheEU

My request available at
was rejected :

This is a new request which covers a temporal segment after the rejection date. To this end I am interested to find out if after your rejection any measures were taken or are intended to be taken to instate the truth in the CJ report, in accordance to the facts and evidences presented by FRA itself (see link above).

2. All documents and information showing if FRA took any initiative to correct its statement/s. I request access to any relevant document presented in this respect to the court.

Yours faithfully,

Kurt Weiss

Registry ECJ, Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea

Dear Sir,


Your request for access to documents was received at the Registry of the
European Court of Justice on 24/10/2013.


Your attention is drawn to the fact that, in accordance with article 4,
paragraph 1, of the Decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union
of 11 December 2012 concerning public access to documents held by the
Court of Justice of the European Union in the exercise of its
administrative functions, such a request must be submitted using the form
published on the Court's website:




The completed form should be sent by fax, post or e-mail to the address
indicated on the form.


Yours faithfully,


L F Hewlett

Principal Administrator

ECJ Registry




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