Investigation Procedures and Cover ups Policies

Unidad de Cooperación Judicial de la Unión Europea no tenía la información solicitada.

Dear The European Union’s Judicial Cooperation Unit,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

My question is:

• Can you provide me your policy related to judiciary misconduct?
According to MOJ and other bodies, it is the police duty and
responsibility to investigate any complaint against any individual
with regards to misconduct at public office. I do not see any
document or policy about misconduct at public office or engaging in
criminal conspiracies by judges, home office staffs, treasury
solicitors, civil servants...

• When a complaint about misconduct at public office (especially by
judges) is made, what procedure do you follow to refer the matter
to CPS?

• What is your policy and investigation procedure against
pedophilia activity by police officers?

• What is your policy in relation to investigation of cover up
activities by civil servants?

• How do you investigate complaints against members of judiciary
who have assisted cover up and engaged in criminal conspiracies
such as perjury, misrepresentation of facts, misconducts,
submitting false documents ....?

• How do you investigate complaints against police officers? Can
the same officers examine a complaint about their own colleague?

• What is your dissapplication procedure? Do you provide any letter
or any right of appeal and reasons why you cannot record the

According to the law, the police has the duty and the power to
investigate those matters, but this was not the case in my
complaints. I have only been threatened by the police.

Please see below explanation / summary to understand my request.

Complaints I made to the police since 2010:

I and my wife are teachers in this country.

1. In January 2011, I made a complaint to the police about a
First-Tier Tribunal judge (Judge Prior) for asking me to cut my
wrists rather than my palm). I was mentally unwell at that time.
Police failed to record the complaint as it was about a judge.

2. In November 2011, I made a complaint against Newsgroup
newspapers Limited for sending individuals to threaten me to
withdraw cases against Mr John Kay. I made a complaint to the
police asking them to view the CCTV footages. Police held the
complaint for over a month and finally when the evidences (CCTV)
were deleted, they withdraw any investigation. Complaint was also
made about 400 pages of documents (case file) lost from the court’s

3. In 2012, I made a complaint about HHJ Redgrave from Bow County
Court for attempting to assault me and my wife in the court room. I
made a complaint against her, but police failed to record or
investigate after speaking to the court’s manager.

4. In 2011, a fraudulent judge under different identity heard a
case of mine at Bow County Court. He claimed he was Judge Stone,
but he was not. His identity was unknown and is still until
present. Police was informed and a complaint made, but they refused
to investigate as it was about a judge.

5. In May 2012, Home Office sent police officers to my house to
threaten my wife to withdraw complaints and cases. Their identity
was unknown. The complaint was investigated by Natalie Philsbury
who confirmed that the home office sent the officers. I indicated
that CCTV footages were available for police to further

6. In August 2012, police officers and bailiffs and other agents
attended my home to manhandle my family and children. CCTV footages
were stolen and I was injured by the violent and aggressive actions
of the police officers present. A complaint was made but the police
simply talked to the bailiffs and police officers (from Plaistow
Police Station) and settled the matter by themselves. Files with
corruption evidences and other important evidences were taken by
the agents with the assistance of police officers.

7. While all the above took place, the home office attempted to
cover up and threaten us. In November 2012, a social worker made a
false witness statement under oath to the court. This amounted to
misrepresentations. A complaint was made but police disregarded and
refused to view evidences and to investigate by covering up.

8. In May 2014, a false note of judgment was submitted by the
Treasury Solicitors to the court. A complaint was made about
perjury, misrepresentation and misconduct at public office but
police refused to investigate. No action was taken.

9. In February 2014, a complaint was made about fraud and perjury
by judges / administrative staffs of the courts. No investigation
was carried out despite evidences were available.

10. When I indicated over the phone that I will bring evidences to
FOREST GATE police station for an investigation (as I received
threats from G4S security officers – part of the home office). I
was told to come on 2nd May 2014. On the same day at 2 am in the
morning, two forest gate Police Station’s police officers [male]
banged the door and ordered me to open. They entered the house
without my consent and wanted to touch the children who were
sleeping. It was very hot and children were sleeping. They put
hands inside their blankets and touched them. These actions were
carried out despite the mother and father of the children were
present. These actions amounted to paedophilia. My elder child was
mentally affected. A complaint was made and the
police refused to investigate appropriately. They attempted to
cover up as these actions amount to child abuse.

11. The next morning, I went to the FOREST GATE police station to
submit the evidences. The police refused to investigate and record
the complaint against the judges. In the afternoon the same day, a
police officer called my phone and threatened me to withdraw the
complaint and not to pursue further complaints about judges’
misconducts and misconduct at public office. I was threatened to
remain silent about criminal activities inside the courts.

12. While all these took place, the home office sent false
prosecution notice, ill-treat us through vexatious letters and
suspension of subsistence supports. They have institutionally
attempted to cover up.

13. I complained against judges (senior judiciary members) who are
engaged in institutional cover up and judicial corruption. They
misuse their judicial positions for their own gains and assisting
other public bodies who are discriminating against people who raise
their voices against injustice.

I am making this FOI request and I hope that I do not receive any
threats from other parties involved and I hope that police officers
will not phone or attend my home at night to intimidate me or
abusing my children.

Yours faithfully,

Yours faithfully,


LS-Admin-External, Unidad de Cooperación Judicial de la Unión Europea

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email dated 10 July 2014, which was received by Eurojust on the same day.

It may be helpful if I briefly outline the role of Eurojust.

Eurojust was set up by the Council of the European Union in February 2002 to improve the fight against serious cross-border crime by facilitating the optimal co-ordination of action for investigations and prosecutions covering the territory of more than one Member State with full respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. Its mission is to assist national investigation and prosecution authorities. This means that Eurojust can only assist in cases submitted by the competent authorities of the Member States of the European Union.

If you wish to access information on specific national trials, judgments or legislation of Member State courts, you may contact the relevant national authority.

If you wish to request access to documents held by Eurojust, please specify which documents you would like to request access to.

Yours sincerely,

The Legal Service

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