Letter to Kangaroo Group dated 12 July 2011

La solicitud fue exitosa.

Dear European Parliament,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting the following document:

the letter from the European Parliament to the Kangaroo Group (dated 12 July 2011), instructing the Kangaroo Group to vacate the office space they are occupying in the Eastman Building.

Yours faithfully,

Olivier Hoedeman

Registre, Parlamento Europeo

Dear Mr Hoedeman,

We acknowledge receipt of your request.

For future requests, could you please use the relevant electronic form
in order to facilitate our work and the electronic processing of your


Thanks in advance for your cooperation

Transparency - Public Access to Documents
European Parliament


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Registre, Parlamento Europeo

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Dear Mr Hoedeman,

please find enclosed the requested letter (108676 - 12.07.2011) and its
annex [D(2008)29085 - 203126 - 20.05.2008].

<<108676.PDF>> <<203126-2008.PDF>>

Kind regards,
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Transparency - Public Access to documents
& Relations with Interest Representaives Unit - European Parliament

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