Press-releases on EU-funded waste management projects in Lebanon

La respuesta a esta solicitud está muy retrasada. Comunicación ya debería haber respondido (detalles). Puedes apelar pidiendo una revisión interna.

Dear Communication,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

Press-releases dating back to 2000 onward pertaining to the launch of EU-funded projects in Lebanon aimed at the treatment or disposal facilities for municipal waste and wastewater.
Treatment or disposal facilities include – but are not limited to – waste treatment plants, landfills and primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment plants.

The documents provided should include projects partly or fully financed by the EU with the scope of building or upgrading the above mentioned treatment or disposal facilities.

Should my request be denied wholly or partially, please explain the denial or specific exemptions in the regulation. Should the European External Action Service not possess the information requested, please indicate the public authority responsible for such information.

Also I expect the partial release of documents, in case of partial exemption according to article 4.6. I reserve the right to appeal.

I look forward to your reply within 15 business days, according to the regulation, and I thank you for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully,

Federica Marsi


Dear Mrs Marsi,

Thank you for your request for access to documents.
Unfortunately you have not indicated your postal address that is required for registering and handling your request in line with the procedural requirements. Please send us your full postal address at your earliest convenience. Pending your reply, we reserve the right to refuse the registration of your request.
You may, of course, use directly the electronic form for entering your request:

Best regards,

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