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Unidad de Cooperación Judicial de la Unión Europea no tenía la información solicitada.

Estimado Unidad de Cooperación Judicial de la Unión Europea,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

I would like to have information about the regulations that UK, France, Netherlands, Spain and Italy have to regulate the behavior of tourists or people with temporary passage through its territorial space. I 'm doing a research work for " El Mundo" on problems in Spain with tourists and their behavior, sometimes, illegal, that is been a serious issue in some communities of the country. Thank You for your time.

Un saludo,


LS-Admin-External, Unidad de Cooperación Judicial de la Unión Europea

Dear Mr. Jhoaris,

Thank you for your email dated 24 March 2015, which was received by Eurojust on the same day.

It may be helpful to briefly outline the role of Eurojust.

Eurojust was set up by the Council of the European Union in February 2002 to improve the fight against serious cross-border crime by facilitating the optimal co-ordination of action for investigations and prosecutions covering the territory of more than one Member State with full respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. Its mission is to assist national investigation and prosecution authorities.

Please note that you can find extensive information about Eurojust on our public website ( and in particular in our annual reports, which can be downloaded from the section “About Eurojust – Annual Reports”, and in our press releases, which can also be downloaded from the section “Press Centre – Press Releases”.

Please be informed that on the basis of the information provided in your application, Eurojust was not able to identify any documents it holds containing the information you request. If you wish to request access to a particular document held by Eurojust, we would be grateful if you could further clarify your request and the documents you would like to request access to.

Yours sincerely,

Catherine Deboyser
Head of Legal Service

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