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Work with Palantir

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Dear European Anti-Fraud Office,

Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private company supplying products and services.

I am asking for any information related to palantir and its products and services, including

a) meeting records (drafts, memos, invitations, appointments, cancellations) involving Palantir officials and people representing Palantir and their interests

b) correspondence (including within the [Authority name] and with the European institutions concerning Palantir technologies and / or its products and services or the regulatory environment of the EU that affects their products and services. This may include policy papers, consultation input, memoranda or any other form of information.

c) invoices, tenders, service agreements, purchases, orders, procurement documents, offers etc. concerning products and services using Palantir Technologies.

Please do not transfer this request to another Autority, this is a request specifically for you. Do not exclude short-lived documents or documents considered to be unimportant under archiving rules.

Please ensure that information that is considered to be excempt for access for this request is not automatically deleted within to make sure that subsequent confirmatory applications and legal appeals as well as Ombudsman office inquiries can still access and assess them.

Yours faithfully,

Mathias Schindler

Oficina Europea de Lucha contra el Fraude

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Dear Mr Schindler,


On behalf of Beatriz SANZ REDRADO, Director D – General Affairs, please
find attached reply regarding the above subject.


Due to the current exceptional circumstances, OLAF will not send you a
copy of the attached reply by registered post. Therefore, we kindly
request you to acknowledge receipt of this email.


Best regards,



Dear European Anti-Fraud Office,

thank you for your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Mathias Schindler


Hi , 
other mass media in blind carbon copy. 
We would appreciate to have an answer on the investigation of these crimes
Far away from control, the bolivarian narco-terrorist state in EU is using
EU funds to manipulate and control justice so that none of their crimes
gets punished, not even judged. 
Examples of other embezzelment of EU funds: 

 1. Case Tito Berni: Expenses in cocaine and
prostitutes [1]
 2. In cantabria (where a goverment partner rules around 112 million
euros [2]
 3. To buy police will, so that they do not investigate criminals in
power: [3]
 4. Vulnarating human rights of people coming to
spain [4]
 5. Vulnerating and abusing under-aged kids that sometimes get killed by
those criminals and the criminals they protect using "denuncias
falsas" to get residence permits, nationality, money, houses where
they sell everything they find inside, including sensitive information
on governments in EU and other countries, EU institutions, critical
infrastructure.... russian mafias know very well these breaches and
leverage them taking advantage of all these vulnerabilities, as you
can see in the video over 70% of kids that are murdered in spain  by
one of their parents, is the mother with the help of the criminal
system funded with EU money the one that commit the crime
: [5]


Simulating domestic violence government maintains thousands of
organizations across spain "servicios sociales in every city-hall, and
other hundreds of organizations around them, a ministery full of
criminals that force women to commit crimes against their kids and
husbands, and denuncias falsas. Some of them even killed their
daughers/sons: A father fighting agains servicios sociales, attorneys,
judges, and the whole criminal system created by spanish governement
with EU funds who finally saw how the mother killed her little
dautgter with
the [8]

Police woman that executed her two daughers also funded by this
ideology by the government, supported by social services, attorneys
and judges, finally executed her two daughters before the father could
have the right to see and caress/take care of them(all her police
colleagues from work knew that she was going to kill her daughters and
nobody could do anything to prevent it since millions of euros are
used to shield this criminal
system [9]
Another case in the last
hours [10]
 6. Thousands of women are reprieved from their crimes against their
kids/husbands, this one tortured their kids having them prissioners
locked in a cave without light without scholarship and without
relationship with anybody
: [11]

Even the president of the organization suspiciously funded by
government with which funds ??? guess .... was reprieved after
kidnnapping her kids so the father could not see them again
 7. The legal expenses to defend this criminals.... guess who pays and
with which money ? 
 8. Last weekend there were elections in spain, government was caught
buying votes from inmigrants and other poor people. Several were
arrested while others scape. Which money were they using ? out of
their own pockets ? nahhhh 

Lateral effects: 

 1. Abuse of kids
 2. Assessination of kids
 3. Ilegal criminals from abroad getting residence papers and spanish
nationality to be able to circulate around Schengen countries without
control. They use "denuncias falsas" (fake police reports) to get a
card for violence victims and automatically they get all their
permissions and nationality sorted out
 4. Many other crimes performed by mafias and criminals who leverage the
huge a mount of money dedicated to cover all this
judicial/governmental/police corrupted system, a mafia designed to
just commit crimes with finantial benefits

I almost forgot the most important information, this how they manage to
corrupt judicial system:



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No sabemos si la última respuesta a esta solicitud contiene información o no – si eres Mathias Schindler por favor abre una sesión y háznoslo saber.