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Meetings on pesticides
Demande envoyée à Représentation permanente de Croatie auprès de l'UE par Lora Verheecke Le .

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I would like to request the following information please: How many meetings have employees of the Permanent Representation of Croatia to the EU ha...
GRANT, Please Contact [email address] Financial assistance for Agriculture farming,etc
In that case I will be even more specific and ask only for minutes and/or summaries of the following meetings: 1. Between the Permanent Representa...
Work with Palantir

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Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private company supplying products and services. I am asking for any information related to palantir and its pro...
Request for documents

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-All correspondence (letters, emails, etc) and minutes of meetings (or any other reports of such meetings) where the EU criteria for the identifi...

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