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Permanent Representatives of Member States to the EU are national officials which work on EU matters and are based in Brussels, but which would technically fall under national Freedom of Information/Access to Documents laws. The main task of Permanent Representations to the EU is to ensure national interests and policies are pursued as effectively as possible in the EU. National Freedom of Information Laws have varying time limits for answering requests. To find out more about your national law, visit Access Info's and the Centre for Law and Democracy's Global Right to Information Rating at

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Elderly Care Statistics for Finland
Demande envoyée à Représentation permanente de la Finlande par Julie Lord Le .

En retard depuis longtemps.

What proportion of the costs for elderly care in Finland (both in an individual's home and in nursing homes) is borne by the Finnish government a...
Dear Vicky Cann, Thank you again for your e-mail. In the case of Finish Permanent Representation, there are certainly not hundreds of meetings with lo...
Request for documents
Réponse par Représentation permanente de la Finlande à Vincent Harmsen ce .

En attente de classement.

Dear Vincent Harmsen,   You requested documents which contain the following information:   “All correspondence (letters, emails, etc) and minut...
Sugar Related Policy Measures
Réponse par Représentation permanente de la Finlande à kasia ce .

Information non détenue.

Dear Ms Kathrina Klein, I haven't had any bilateral meetings with those parties in the list. WHO organized a joint meeting for health attaches during...
Sarah Holman/ the team There are no English versions of these documents. Best Regards Jarkko Levasma _________________________________...
Copies of the bids for the RFP titled: "Framework Arrangement for Taxation COTS Software Delivery and AMS" released on 2 May 2012 by the Finnish...

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