Représentation permanente des Pays-Bas

Un représentant d’un état membre de l’UE

Permanent Representatives of Member States to the EU are national officials which work on EU matters and are based in Brussels, but which would technically fall under national Freedom of Information/Access to Documents laws. The main task of Permanent Representations to the EU is to ensure national interests and policies are pursued as effectively as possible in the EU. National Freedom of Information Laws have varying time limits for answering requests. To find out more about your national law, visit Access Info's and the Centre for Law and Democracy's Global Right to Information Rating at

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Request for documents
Demande envoyée à Représentation permanente des Pays-Bas par Vincent Harmsen Le .

En retard depuis longtemps.

-All correspondence (letters, emails, etc) and minutes of meetings (or any other reports of such meetings) where the EU criteria for the identifi...
Request list of meetings permrep Netherlands April 2018
Clarification envoyé à Représentation permanente des Pays-Bas par Belen Balanya ce .

En retard depuis longtemps.

Sure it will be possible, but you mean Monday 7th or Tuesday 8th? Monday at 16.00 will be possible, Tuesday should be earlier. As you mention ther...
Contacts with Fertiliser Industry
Suivi envoyé à Représentation permanente des Pays-Bas par Ronja Heise ce .

En attente de classement.

Yes I will do that. Thank you very much, Ronja Heise
Dear Ms Crespo Castellano,   Please find attached the reply with regard to your request for access  under the Government Information (Public Acces...
Correspondence about conflict minerals
Réponse par Représentation permanente des Pays-Bas à Zoë Delhaye ce .

En attente de classement.

Dear Ms Delhaye, Thank you for your e-mail. For applications concerning Regulation 1049/2001 we kindly refer you the European Commission, the European...
Correspondence about conflict minerals
Demande d'évaluation interne envoyé à Représentation permanente des Pays-Bas par Zoë Delhaye ce .

En attente d'examen interne.

Please accept the following corrected request: Under the right of access to documents in the Dutch Government Information (Public Access) Act, I a...
Dear Ms Klein, By e-mail of 12 November 2015 you submitted an application under the Government Information (Public Access) Act for a list of meeting...
  Dear Ms Cingotti,   The above mentioned consultation does not concern this request, which has already been answered, but your request regardin...
Dear Ms Cingotti,   Your request of 23 April 2013 under the Government Information (Public Access) Act for documents containing information about...
Dear Mr Pieters, Thank you for your reply of 28 October. With reference to your email of 24 October, as you might know, the Joint Situation Centre (JS...

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