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Ref. Ares(2022)7403026 - 25/10/2022
Meeting with Rasmussen Global 
26 September 2022 
x  Rasmussen Global: 

x  European Commission: Joan Canton (Cabinet Breton) 
The Commission and Rasmussen Global met, at the request of the latter, to exchange on the state of 
play of a lithium mining and processing project in Spain. Rasmussen Global presented this project, 
coming from Infinity Lithium, explaining the latest developments. According to Rasmussen Global, the 
project promoter has managed to gather positive support from the local, regional and national 
authorities in Spain. Rasmussen Global was also presenting this project in the context of the newly 
announced European Critical Raw Materials Act.  
Rasmussen Global also enquired on the latest developments in relation to a possible classification of 
three lithium salts under the CLP Regulation.  
The Commission presented the latest developments in the area of critical raw materials, and 
encouraged Rasmussen Global to share more  information on their project. The Commission also invited 
Ramussen Global to  present their opinions on critical raw materials in  the forthcoming public 
consultation on the critical raw materials act.