Ceci est une version HTML d'une pièce jointe de la demande d'accès à l'information 'Commission Decisions (i) under article 299 TFEU & (ii) waiving recovery orders, debit notes & financial statements'.

Ref. Ares(2014)758351 - 17/03/2014
Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology 
The Head of Unit 
Mr Bekas 
Your application for access to documents – Ref GestDem No 2014/856 
Fair solution to address your application (Article 6 of Regulation 

Dear Sir, 
We refer to your email dated 15/02/2014 wherein you make a request for access to 
documents, registered on 17/02/2014 under the above mentioned reference number.  
The analysis of the document requested cannot be carried out within the normal time limits 
set out in Article 7 of Regulation 1049/2001. 
However, the Regulation provides for a possibility to confer with applicants in order to 
find a fair solution when an application concerns a very large number of documents. 
Article 6(3) provides that "in the event of an application relating to a very long document 
or to very large number of documents, the institution concerned may confer with the 
applicant informally, with a view to finding a fair solution
We propose to handle your application in successive stages. If you accept this proposal, 
you could indicate an order of priority, which we will follow as much as possible in 
handling your application. You will receive, at regular intervals, batches of documents 
which have been cleared for release or a reasoned reply explaining why some documents 
cannot be disclosed. 
If you have any questions concerning this proposal, you can contact us: 
by email to: xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xx.xxxxxx.xx 
by telephone to: (+32) (0) 22 28 56 53 
Thank you in advance for your understanding.  
Yours faithfully, 
Katleen Engelbosch 
Commission européenne/Europese Commissie, 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, BELGIQUE/BELGIË - Tel. +32 22991111 
Office: BU25 01/081 - Tel. direct line +32 229-85653 - Fax +32 229-20125