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Ref. Ares(2023)1678542 - 08/03/2023

exchange between progressive 
European governments and 
businesses, with regular involvement 
of like-minded parliamentarians, and 
other key stakeholders and opinion 
formers, determined to support the 
development of a climate neutral and 
prosperous Europe. 
The Summit will be held in a hybrid 
format with part of audience in 
Brussels and the other online. It will 
bring together Ministers and State 
Secretaries of the Green Growth 
Group, high-level representatives 
from the European institutions and 
senior business officials. Pascal Canfin, 
the Chair of the Environment 
Committee in the European 
Parliament has already confirmed his 
The Summit will be divided into the 
following sessions. It will start with a 
scene setter discussion on ‘From 
ambition to delivery: How can policy 
enable and encourage more 
sustainable choices by businesses and 
households in the EU?” . 
The first 
session on ‘Delivering an ambitious 
climate and energy secure common 
agenda through progressive policies 
and business action
’ will address how 
to ensure an ambitious outcome of 
the negotiations and implementation 
for the Fit for 55 Package and an 
energy secure future in the EU. The 
second session on ‘Building Blocks for 
a Global Energy Transition and 
Accelerated Climate Action
’ will 
address the role of the EU in 
accelerating the global energy 
transition and reflect on the drivers to 
accelerate the energy transition 
globally in the run up to COP27.