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Summary of meeting on Mercosur with COPA COGECA, 3 February 2017 
A meeting was held on 3 February 2017 between Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General of COPA 
COGECA and Sandra Gallina
Copa Cogeca (CC) stressed the sensitivity of ethanol and in particular the fuel part of the market, 
pointing to the paper prepared by UNICA. In regard to beef, CC stressed the importance of 
protecting the high value segment of the market. CC stressed concern that food safety 
standards would be lowered, even though MCS were likely to cede to EU requirements on meat 
inspection rules. CC further stressed the importance of the market access for dairy and the 
need to address SPS barriers in Brazil. 
COM stressed that EU food safety standards would never be lowered in an FTA and its 
commitment to safeguarding the interests of EU farmers in sensitive sectors, while also opening 
new opportunities for the EU's high quality agri-food products through trade policy.  
DG TRADE, Unit C3 (Latin America) 
European Commission