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Ref. Ares(2017)1952346 - 12/04/2017
10 April 2017 10:56 
RE: Application as Observer to the ESSF Plenary  
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Please find attached GIE application documents (Application letter, CV 
, CV 
) for becoming an Observer in the ESSF Plenary. 
Could you please follow up when you will have the confirmation that we became Observer and 
what are the further steps to be taken?  
                Please do not hesitate to contact me if any other information is required from our side. 
Thank you very much! 
Sent: Monday, April 3, 2017 10:06 
Subject: Possible Spam : RE: Application as Observer to the ESSF Plenary 
I apologise for belated reply. 
On behalf of Mr 
, the Chairman of ESSF, I would like to thank you very much 
for your interest in works of the Forum. 
As stipulated in Article 5 of the Commission Decision of 24 September 2013 on setting up the 
group of experts on maritime transport sustainability - the European Sustainable Shipping 
Forum - 'the Commission's representative may give observer status to international 
organisations and other bodies engaged in, or with a direct interest in maritime transport 
sustainability, as well as to European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and candidate countries.' 
Your organisation fulfils these criteria. 

Taking into account the above mentioned rules and to be in line with the procedures, we would 
like to ask you to send an official request (a letter by registered post) from your organisation, 
giving the reasons to join the Plenary, indicating particular areas of interest and expertise 
(consistent with the objectives and scope of ESSF) and including a CV/resume of the 
representative of this organisation (Mr. 
, GLE Vice-President and chairman of the 
GLE Small-scale Working Group). 
With kind regards,  
Seconded National Expert/ Policy officer 
Sustainable EU shipping  
European Commission 
DG Mobility and Transport 
Unit for Maritime Transport & Logistics D.1  
Rue Jean-Andre de Mot 28 
B-1040 Brussels/Belgium 
Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2017 10:42 AM 
Subject: RE: Application as Observer to the ESSF Plenary 
Dear ESSF Team, 
I am writing you hereby concerning the application of Mr. 
 as observer to 
the ESSF Plenary on behalf of GIE. As there was no feedback received in regards to this 
request (see email below), I would sincerely appreciate the chance to discuss the status 
of the application of Mr. 
 with one of your colleagues. I tried to find a 
proper contact person on your website and also related websites, but there was nothing 
to display in this regard.  
Please note I am at your disposal for any further information and do not hesitate to 
contact me directly.  
I would really appreciate a timely response to this effect. 
With best regards, 
Deputy Secretary General 

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) 
EU Transparency Register No 76130992074-15 
GIE is a part of 
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2017 12:32 PM 
Subject: Application as Observer to the ESSF Plenary 
Dear ESSF Team, 
GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe) is an association representing (amongst others) the 
interests of the European LNG terminal operators. Our members represent 90% of the 
European regasification capacity and are very much interested in supporting the 
development of small-scale LNG. 
In 2013 GIE nominated Mr 
 as member of the ESSF and he was 
accepted as member of the Plenary (private organisation active in terminal 
management and operations). Due to organizational changes GIE did not participate in 
the 2nd call but would be happy to be allowed to join the Plenary meetings within the 
current term. 
Therefore, GIE would like to propose Mr 
 as observer to the ESSF Plenary 
on behalf of GIE. Mr Aouad is GLE Vice-President and chairman of the GLE Small-scale 
Working Group. In recent years, he developed small-scale LNG services for Fluxys 
Belgium, who owns and operates the LNG regasification terminal of Zeebrugge in 
Belgium. He is fluent in English. 
I kindly ask for your feedback. 
Thank you. 

Best regards, 
Deputy Secretary General 
GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe 
W www.gie.eu 
EU Transparency Register No 76130992074-15 
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