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EMM OSINT Suite Release Notes, 
2.0.0 (12/2012) 
What's new ? 
•  Web Search  

Added support for Blekko.com 
•  Entity Extraction  

Name Variant Database 
ƒ  Export to flat file 
ƒ  Import from flat file 

New Geo Location module 
•  User Interface 

New Console View showing status information 

Entity Browser with new navigation drop-down 
•  Reporting 

Export project to GraphML format 
Known Issues 
•  Google scraping might not work a second time on the same search (Solution: Reload 
2.0 Beta 4 Update 1 (11/2012) 
What's new? 
•  Support for 32 and 64-bit Windows 
•  Improved Entity Browser 

Force Reload Support 
•  Improved Graph View 
•  Numerous bug fixes 
2.0 Beta 4 (10/2012) 
What's new? 
•  New Text Extraction (based on Apache Tika) 

Support for addition file types (MS Office 97 & 2007, Open Office, PDF, Text, 
•  New Entity Extraction Engine 

Support for custom entity types 

Epxression Match Module  
ƒ  Recognise built-in basic entity types 

ƒ  Recognise custom entity types based on regular expressions 

Editable Name Variant Database 

Performance improvements 
•  User Interface Enhancements 

Entity Browser Component 

Improved Graph View (Add entities from Entity Browser) 

Properties View (showing meta information of files and entities) 
 2.0 Beta 3 Update 6 (08/2012) 
What's new? 
•  New Web Search Module 

Support for Yahoo, Google, Bing 

Progress Indicator Support 
•  Bug fixes 
2.0 Beta 3 Update 5 (02/2012) 
What's new? 
•  Improved Google Scraping 
•  Bug fixes