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Ref. Ares(2019)365470 - 22/01/2019
Ref. Ares(2019)2527775 - 10/04/2019
Meeting with Cefic 
Meeting date and place 
Meeting held on 10/09/2018 14:30 in Charlemagne 
Participating organisation(s) & representative(s) 
- - BASF SE (TRN: 7410939793-88)
- - Dow Europe GmbH (TRN: 38235121060-73)
- - European Chemical Industry Council (TRN: 64879142323-90) 
Participant, Requester,
- - ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical (TRN: 0745650927-75)
- - SABIC International Holdings B.V. (TRN: 738140415497-66)
- - Solvay SA (TRN: 58089691185-94)
- - Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V. (TRN: 15423437054-40)  Participant,
Main issues discussed 
1. CEFIC very interested in the Executive Working Group with the US, main EU trade partner (with 45 bn € export and 20 bn € import) in
chemicals. It supports the Commission’s work as it used to support the TTIP as both side of the Atlantic would benefit from a tariff
2. Commission described the US political context and conveyed that US priorities are short-term deliverables, some of which are in the
regulatory silo. The tariff pillar, an important objective for CEFIC, is a lesser US priority at this time. Once the scoping exercise is
concluded with a joint report (possibly by the end of the year)  negotiating mandates would  be requested to the Council. Meanwhile,
the core obligation of the EWG (standstill on new tariffs while talks go on) should avoid an escalation of the trade war, as the cars’
investigation (Section 232) is for the moment on hold. 
3. CEFIC explained that they will get in touch with their US counterpart association ACC (American Chemistry Council) to review the
older joint CEFIC-ACC proposals for TTIP and see if some of the ideas could be recycled for the new EWG context. They were
interested in classification issues, among others.
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