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Ref. Ares(2018)5828464 - 14/11/2018
Meeting with BAT on SUP directive 14 11 2018
Duration: 1h30
British American Tobacco (BAT): Giovanni Carucci, Vice President, Head of EU Affairs, and 
, technical expert

 (first 30’) replaced then by 
 (last 1h)
BAT claimed they spoke on behalf of the four big tobacco producers.
Main points
Cigarette filters are part of the Directive related to SUP, as they are often found in marine litter.
BAT said the following:
BAT is worried about the reduction target as proposed in an EP AM (50% by 2025, 80% by 
2030 for waste of filters containing plastics).
Cellulose acetate is used as best suited plastic for several criteria, in particular versus some 
harmful substances such as phenols.
Alternatives are not suitable – BAT shared a document, which will also be sent by mail.
Biodegradable plastics will still contain the toxic elements and should not give the consumer 
a license to litter.
Filter is needed for reduced inhalation of harmful substances.
In the tobacco regulation there are reference values for these substances. This is measured 
when applying a filter.
There are virtually no cigarettes without filters.
The EP AM only limits the plastic, while the toxic elements will still remain in the butt, either 
in an alternative filter, either in the end of the cigarette without filter.
Implicitly that the quantity of plastics saved with a reduction target is extremely low.
The implementation of this AM would be difficult. How would this be measured?
On reusable filters: there is a behavioral issue as consumers need to change their habit, and 
often this is nothing more than a mouth piece, without additional filtering. To make a 
functional reusable filter would be a technological challenge.
It is very much a behavioral issue. It is the consumer who pollutes.
Want to focus and awareness raising, in particular with retailers. For example campaigns on 
portable ashtrays and more specific bins.
Not against EPR and the measures the EC is proposing, if proportionate and predictable, 
preferably harmonized at EU level.
Marking: there is not enough place on a pack of cigarette, there is already a lot of 
information for the consumer, so additional info will get lost and have not influence on the 
consumer, and the additional info will dilute the health message.
BAT shared another document related to the legal problems that such a marking could have. 
We will receive an electronic copy.

COM explain the rational of the SUP proposal, the absence to biodegradable plastics and a related 
standard, the responsibility of business related to products that are litter prone and
Com also pointed out that BAT did not propose any real measure to reduce litter coming from 
Follow-up: asking Sante colleagues for their opinion on:
the electronic documents (once received)
the claims that filters are needed, and lack of alternative materials
the claim that additional info on the pack will dilute the health message