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Ref. Ares(2020)303359 - 17/01/2020
Directorate E – Safety of the Food Chain 
E4 – Food Law, Nutrition and Labelling 
Brussels, 9 July 2007 
Steering Group on Impact Assessment for the forthcoming review 
of the EU general food labelling policy  
3nd Meeting 
22 June 2007 
 F101 9/27 
 (SANCO, E4), 
 (SANCO, 02), 
, (AGRI), 
Draft impact assessment general food labelling legislation 
The Chair thanked the Steering Group for their assistance with process of preparing the 
impact assessment and stressed the challenging time constraints with the adoption of the 
forthcoming proposal. 
The most important comments on the draft Impact Assessment report on general food 
labelling were the following: 
x  To make clear why the options of deregulation or not taking any EU action were not 
considered as appropriate solutions. 
x  To emphasise the simplification aspects of the initiative. 
x  To elaborate and provide more information to support the comments on administrative 
burden. If it was not possible to provide more detailed data on this issue then it was 
suggested that this should be explained  including what action had been taken to collect 
x  The definition of the problem was clear. 
The services indicated that the document had been sent to their colleagues and additional 
comments would be provided by email. 

Next steps 
The Chair indicated that the date for submission to the Impact Assessment Board (IAB) was 
27 June.  The draft report would be revised and circulated to the Group before submission to 
the IAB. 
The Chair thanked the participants for their comments on the draft report.