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Document 3
Ref. Ares(2020)309228 - 17/01/2020
Directorate E – Safety of the Food Chain 
E4 – Food Law, Nutrition and Labelling 
Brussels, 10 January 2007 
Steering Groups on Impact Assessment for the forthcoming review 
of the EU food labelling policy  
10 January 2007 
 F101  02/SDR2 

(SANCO, E4), 
 (SANCO, 02), 

1. Adoption of the agenda
Adopted without modification. 
2. Scope and mandate of the Inter-Services Steering Group
, chairing, introduced the meeting, setting out the rationale for the review 
of the EU food labelling policy planned by the end of 2007. It was clarified that there are two 
different Impact Assessments which are going to be carried out by the same contractor; this 
means that from a formal viewpoint there will be two Steering Groups as well (one for the 
revision of the legislation on Nutrition Labelling for foodstuffs and the other for the revision 
of Horizontal Community Food Labelling legislation). It was pointed out that the revision of 
Nutrition Labelling would change existing legislation substantially, whereas the revision of 
General Food Labelling legislation is a simplification exercise, with some interesting 
possibilities emerging and currently debated. 
From a procedural perspective, DG SANCO’s timetable is to finalise both Impact 
Assessments by June 2007. It was also noted that the Impact Assessment reports prepared by 

the contractor will not be the final Impact Assessment, but would form the basis of the final 
impact assessment report. 
Between now and June 2007, SANCO plans to explore possible consequences of the review 
of food labelling policy with the Member States and intends to work on the impact assessment 
of the proposals through the Inter-Service Steering Group. 
The role and tasks of the group were discussed and agreed. It was clarified that the 
preparation of a short questionnaire to stakeholders (mentioned in the background document 
distributed to the group) is a task specifically assigned to the contractor and that the Steering 
Group would be asked to comment on the draft. The members of the group were asked to 
identify key stakeholders in their field to be contacted and to provide their contact details. 
Finally, it was proposed and agreed to include in the Steering Group a representative from DG 
FISH, due to the implications of food labelling policy review in the area of fisheries. 
3.  Explanation of the external contract to complement the Impact Assessment 
There were some further explanations about the objectives of the contract, the deliverables 
and the timeframe. 
It was requested to make it possible for the DGs involved in the Steering Group to make 
comments and propose specific issues that may need to be considered as part of the impact 
assessment. Such comments should be provided as soon as possible so that they can be raised 
with the contractor. 
4.  Timing of future work/meetings 
The next meeting of the group should take place in February.