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Office BC

Re: ECB - Meeting in Davos
16 January 2018 22:34:17
Thank you very much for reaching out regarding the meeting with Benoît Cœuré next week in
Anytime in the afternoon of Friday January 26th works for us so please feel free to indicate what
slot is most convenient for Mr. Cœuré
Many thanks in advance for your precious help, am CCing 
, who can help us schedule
Best regards
Palantir Technologies 
On 16 Jan 2018, at 18:37, Office BC 
I am reaching out on behalf of Benoît Cœuré regarding a meeting in the margins of the
World Economic Forum in Davos.
Mr Cœuré would like to accept your kind offer for a meeting. He is available in the
afternoon of Friday, 26 January 2018.
Could you please indicate whether it is possible to schedule a meeting on that day.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Sonnemannstr. 20
60314 Frankfurt am Main
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