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Ref. Ares(2020)5823368 - 23/10/2020
Requirement No. 1  
  On the basis of which assessment have you concluded that 60 days is the right threshold for 
short-term rental of primary residence in order to meet the public interest objective sought? 
  How is the requirement of limiting the possibility of renting primary residences to natural 
persons/owners justified by the objective of protection of environment (including urban 
environment) and/or social and cultural policy objectives? How is this measure, which 
constitutes a restriction of the economic freedom to rent, suitable to the objective sought? 
Requirement No. 2  
  Can you please explain the rationale of the requirement that only primary residences that are 
classified as single-family dwellings (with a separate entry) can be rented short-term (Article 
8.1, read in conjunction with Article 4)? 
Requirement No. 3  
  Can you explain the rationale and need for the requirement included in Article 17.3; in 
particular, why do you need to cap the number of “empresa comercializadora” per dwelling to 
one, in order to preserve and protect public security and public policy? How is that limitation 
ensuring that these objectives are preserved and protected? 
Other comments 
  Could you provide us with figures concerning tourism (flows, trends) in Formentera and the 
impact on the island and its local community?  
  Can you explain why Draft Regulation No 1/2019  (Article 2.4) foresees a limitation of the 
maximum duration of each short term rental stay to 30 (consecutive) days? 
  As we understand it, Article 21 of Draft Regulation No 1/2019 requires the “empresas 
comercializadoras” to designate a local representative in Formentera (i.e., an address which 
has to be different than the one of the dwelling offered for rent); can you explain the 
rationale, objective and justification of this requirement? 
  What is the justification and proportionality for the requirements included in Articles 6 and 7? 
Which requirements are foreseen in the Plan de Calidad described in Articles 10 and 11 of the 
Draft Regulation? 
  Can you clarify which requirements / documentation are needed in order to initiate short-
term rental activity?