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Control of uk by alien government

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Dear European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights,

After making complaints to my government and receiving answers anologous to what would happen in stalins russia or uganda and being poliically imprisioned by the scottish government and kept in solitary confinement until fairly released by a doctor and the case after 10 hearings being removed i make further complaint to this persecuting state to the EU to ask for the halt of people who have appeared to make a vote on a "smoke" i.e. english people voting not to give benefits to eu citezens and other crazy reasons they believe, europes abd the worlds enemy has gained control.

i believe these people to be linked to "judas villi" stalin chased out of europe during the witch and wizard burnings in 1500 and re-emergining in russia and also contoling the same sick minded goverment in the DDR. this does not mean jews and romans that means the worldm this mean follers of guru DAS judas harri chrisna this is the control freak mind running the UKm this meant good jew rat nothing to do with hebrew people who are already stated as inferior people as anglo normans in oxford university and not protected under anti-sematism this means the place where someone who knows this information centered their plan on plastic banking and world inflation the gudjurat hence also their use of the same genocided people from uganda in the uk government,

Iam aksing for world peace if they leave europe they will polarise a stalinist country with the DAS of india (they are not the indian people either), but have fund themselves "underscore pure" amonsgst somthing rising there. I believe they have been found many times in europe and are also responsible for the people who find wrong paper work in israel and claim lands. They also are the jew who tricks people into killing the hebrew in the holocaust. romans were romanm everything else was jews, foreners to hebrews as nachs, these people may have been the saison nach.

In short stop an unelected brexit facist stalin related goverment seizing britian and creating wars in scotland and ireland and maintain they have no right to exit europe

if you dont understand this give this to carl von hartsberg von louie ringen

the people in charge of britian are guilty of control of europe on over 10 occassions and are enemy they are already doing the same to me as they did to people in russia.

FRA - Documents, Agence des droits fondamentaux de l'Union européenne

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Vienna 25/08/2016


Dear Applicant,


Thank you for your access to documents request. 


You have lodged your application via the website.  However,
public access to document applications to the European Union Agency for
Fundamental Rights are submitted through the Agency’s website.   This
enables the Agency to ensure requests are made in a precise manner.


Kindly submit your request via the FRA’s online form for access to
documents which can be found under the following link:



For more information relating to Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001, and the
work of the Agency can be found online below:




Kind regards





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