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Dear European Ombudsman,

Name: Anna Balandina
Date: 16th of June

ello my name is Anna Balandina, I'm writing to you behalf of my partner Vitalijus Liaudanskis date of birth 01/02/1985 his reference number is L1189062 his nationality is Lithuanian, my email address is [email address] my partner been arrested on 21st of March in Lincoln. On 21st of March the Lincoln police officers stopped him for checking and they found in his pocket key chain that was small knife and they took him to the Lincoln police station. On the 22nd of March he had a Court in Lincoln Magistrate Court and court decision was 5 months in prison. On 6th of June was his release date but he didn't get out because he received his deportation document and reason of his deportation is that he been filed his deportation from UK before and he didn't leave UK, but he never had a problem with immigration before. When I contacted Home office and when I pass them his reference number what he get from home office it's showing different name, and immigration officer told me that he had a Court about his deportation on 22nd of March in Lincoln Magistrate Court, but that is definitely mistake because on 22nd of March he had a Court about his position with knife. I seen the Court decision and there is nothing said about his deportation only about the knife and that why he get in prison for 5 months! We don't know really what we can do now because I'm sure that is mistake and my partner is still in Lincoln prison. And that is so hard time for me for him and for my little. Thanks

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

Yours faithfully,
Anna Balandina