Egypt Education Sector Policy Support Programme (ESPSP)

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Dear International Cooperation and Development,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

I understand that there has been an budget support program for the education sector in Egypt that was supposed to end in 2012. I was wondering if you can provide me with further information as to whether there are any plans to continue focusing on the education sector in Egypt and the ESPSP program that ended. The EU ambassador in Egypt mentioned in a televised interview that there is ongoing support to the government in writing its long term education policy so is this a new program following the ESPSP? Are there any project documents that you can share on this new policy support activity?

Yours faithfully,


Dear International Cooperation and Development,

I was wondering if my request will be processed or not?
Yours faithfully,


International Cooperation and Development

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Dear Dina,



Thank you for your e-mail which has received our fullest attention.


We confirm that your request is being treated by the Directorate-General
for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations, B-1049 Brussels.

Any questions related to it should be sent directly to them
([email address]).




Yours sincerely,





Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development

B-1049 Brussel






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Dear Dina,


Apologies for the late response. Unfortunately the Direction General in
the Commission responsible (DG NEAR) did not receive your request for
information until a few days ago. This request was received by DG DEVCO at
a time of internal Commission reorganisation (merge of part of DG. DEVCO
with DG ELARG to create DG NEAR).


The Education Sector Policy Support Programme (ESPSP) was signed on 8 May
2008 and extended until May 2015, when the operational implementation
formally came to an end. Since then, the closure of the ESPSP has started
and for the time being, no further budget support operations are envisaged
in the area of Education. However, and in line with the EU Council
conclusions on Egypt dated 10 February 2014 stating that "The EU recalls
the crucial importance for Egypt to undertake necessary, fundamental
economic reforms to ensure stability, investment, improved business
environment, progress towards social justice, including better access to
education. The EU will continue its support towards improving the social
and economic conditions of the people, especially the poor, and stands
ready to assist Egypt in carrying out these reform measures.", education
remains a priority of EU-Egypt development cooperation.


This support is manifest in our significant grant contributions to the
following programmes:


·      The "Enhancing Access of Children to Education and Fighting Child
Labour" programme implemented by the World Food Programme (EU financing:
EUR 60 million);

·      The TVET II programme (EU financing: EUR 50 million);

·      The regional programme "Governance for Employability in the
Mediterranean region (GEMM)" implemented by the European Training
Foundation (EU financing: EUR 2 million in total), and;

·      The Erasmus+ programme to which Egypt is an active participant.


Please note that the EU is currently negotiating with the Egyptian
Government the conclusion of a Financing Agreement for the project
entitled "Expanding Access to Education and Protection for Children at
Risk in Egypt" (EU financing: EUR 30 million).


In terms of policy support, since June 2014, the Government of Egypt is
implementing its updated Strategy for Education 2014-30 entitled "Together
We Can". The EU support to the education sector is aligned with the
priorities of this strategy and the EU stands ready to study any further
request(s) for support from the Government of Egypt in this crucial area
for the future of the country and of its population.


Finally, please find below a list of public documents related to your
request and to the answers provided above:


-       10/02/2014 Council Conclusions on Egypt:

-       Commission implementing decision of the SPRING package:

-       TVET II Action Fiche:

-       GEMM webpage: [8]

-       Erasmus+ website:

-       Commission implementing decision of the AAP2014:


Kind regards.



               Near B1




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