Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Funding Program

La demande est réussie.

Dear Justice (JUST),

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:
A list of all grants awarded under the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Funding Program from 2007-2011 by country, including grant amount, project title, and implementing organization(s).

Yours faithfully,

Susan Treadwell

Justice et Consommateurs

Dear Ms Treadwell

"On the website:

You may find a list of selected projects under each call. The only calls
with no list is 2007 OG and 2008 OG.
Also in the other lists you don't necessarily have all requested
information (e.g. title of project or full list of beneficiaries is not
available everywhere).

If we need to update the website you can replace the existing documents
with new ones if you want.

Also we'll update the website and a link to each call will be available
through the programme page:
But this hopefully at the end of the week.

The public can also perform a general search to all awarded grants of
the EU budget through

However under Fundamental Rights you get all sorts of responses,
including eg. Daphne grants"

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 Bien à toi

European Commission
Directorate-General Justice
Unit A.4 - Programme management
Programme manager
Office: MO 59 - 4/051
B-1049 Brussels
( +32 2 29 89306

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Justice et Consommateurs

MARTINEZ Thierry (JUST) would like to recall the message, "FW:access to
information request - Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Funding
Program-GESTDEM 2011/6166".