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International Money Fraud

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have the honour to come very respectfully by this email to complaint against this company: Liquidation Asset Trust Fund, spuistraat 47 B, 1012 ST Amsterdam Netherlands telefon: +3120 708 4113fax: +3120 638 3429 which coordinates are in the attached file too!this company confirmed me as a beneficiary with no mistake! The attached file is one the many confirmations with different dates with the same announcements that I am a beneficiary of US$15,000,000.00 money prize, promising me to get my cheque of winnings as shown on the certified copy, issued and delivered directly to my home address, but until now I have received nothing!
I am contacting you today (CVRIA) as well as other lawyers to deal with you and to have your guidance because I do not know the Netherlands laws in this field for that I am contacting many lawyers, so as to have your directions in an official lawsuit and pursuit for a material and moral compensation due to the false statements and winning notifications as I am a victim and I have suffered morally from these lies by taking legal procedures against this company and this request is a part the global human rights ever protected as well as I am requesting compensation for material and moral damages.
I make you know that I have the original letters sent to me and I can send them via ordinary mail.
Please do reply me as soon as possible!

yours truly,

Email: [email address]

Registry ECJ, Cour de justice de l'Union européenne

In reply to your E-mail, it seems appropriate to give some information about the duties and jurisdiction of the Court.

The Court of Justice ensures that in the interpretation and application of the Treaties establishing the European Union the law is observed. The interpretation and application of provisions of the national law of the Member States do not form part of its duties. Neither can it hear and determine actions for breach of the European Convention on Human Rights by the authorities of the Signatory States; the Court of Justice is not to be confused with the European Court of Human Rights at BP 431 R6 - F 67075 STRASBOURG Cedex.

The Court of Justice is not a court of appeal from the national courts and cannot declare their judgment void or vary them.

Private persons may bring proceedings against a Community institution only before the General Court of the European Union and not before the Court of Justice. In such proceedings representation by a lawyer entitled to practise in a Member State is compulsory.

Disputes with Member States or their authorities, or between private persons, fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the national courts. This is so even where questions of European Union law are concerned. A court of a Member State may (or in certain circumstances, must), however, refer to the Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling on questions of the European Union law. The parties themselves have no such right.

For further information regarding the jurisdiction and the work of the Court, please visit the Court's website at: .

For the Registrar

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