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Dear Health and Food Safety,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting the following records:

Minutes and agendas for the following meetings (not currently published on the Expert Group Transparency Register) of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health:
- Advisory Group Plenary Meeting, 6 May 2022
- Ad hoc meeting on Reports to the European Parliament and to the Council under Article 50 and 79 of Plant Health Regulation – presentation and reaction, 2 May 2022
- Meeting of the Advisory Group Subgroup: Working Group on Seeds and Propagating Material to discuss the revision of plant and forest reproductive material legislation, 18 February 2022
- Ad hoc meeting of the Advisory to discuss the application of EU health and environmental standards to imported agri-food products, 16 February 2022
- Advisory Group Plenary Meeting, 26 November 2021
- Ad hoc meeting of the Advisory Group - Reports under Art. 50 and 79 of Plant Health Regulation-Analysis of questionnaires – information on state of play, 30 September 2021
- Ad hoc meeting of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health on the on the revision of the Plant and Forest Reproductive Material Legislation, 29 June 2021
Advisory Group plenary meeting, 7 May 2021

Minutes and agendas for any meetings in the last 12 months of:
- Advisory Group on Sustainability of Food Systems (E03832)

I would like to receive this information electronically and on a rolling basis as documents are found.

If anything is unclear or would benefit from further discussion please do not hesitate to contact me. Should my request be denied wholly or partially, I would expect the partial release of documents in case of partial exemption according to article 4.6. I reserve the right to appeal.

My address is: 38 Elmgrove Road, Bristol, UK, BS16 2AX

Please confirm having received this application. I look forward to your reply within 15 business days, according to the regulation.

With thanks,
Clare Carlile,

Dear Sir or Madam,

We hereby acknowledge the receipt of your request for access to documents
sent on 09/11/2022 and registered on 10/11/2022 under the case number

We will handle your request within 15 working days as of the date of
registration. The time-limit expires on 01/12/2022. We will let you know
if we need to extend this time limit for additional 15 working days.

To find more information on how we process your personal data, please see
[1]the privacy statement.

Yours faithfully,

Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety - Access to Documents
European Commission


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Please find attached a message concerning your request for access to
Commission documents registered under the above case number 2022/6503.

Kind regards,

Dear Health and Food Safety,

I acknowledge your extension and look forward to receiving the documents by end of tomorrow.

Yours faithfully,

Clare Carlile

Dear Health and Food Safety,

Please could you provide an update on when I can expect the documents, as the extended deadline (22nd Dec) has now been passed.

Yours faithfully,

Clare Carlile