Request of information regarding public funding to a newspaper

La réponse à cette demande est très en retard Parlement européen aurait déjà dû répondre à la demande (détails). Vous pouvez vous plaindre en Solliciter une révision interne .

Dear European Parliament,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting all the documents which contain the following information:

1. How much money the European Parliament gave to the Portuguese newspaper Público as funding to the creation of a section in that newspaper regarding the European Elections 2019?
You can see it here:

2. What are the terms and conditions of that funding regarding the availability and access to the news articles in the referred section by the citizens?

Yours faithfully,

Paula Simoes

AccesDocs, Parlement européen

Dear Ms Simoes,

The time limit for processing your application for access to documents about the Portuguese newspaper Público, would in principle end by the end of 11 June 2019.

However, due to longer than expected consultations on your application, we feel compelled to extend the deadline for replying by 15 working days, in accordance with Article 7 (3) of Regulation (EC) 1049/2001.

With our apologises for any inconvenience.

Yours sincerely,

European Parliament
Directorate General for the Presidency
Directorate for Inter-Institutional Affairs
and Legislative Coordination

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AccesDocs, Parlement européen

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Our ref.: A(2019)6073


Dear Ms Simoes


This is a reply to your application A(2019)6073 submitted under Regulation
(EC) No 1049/2001.


As a preliminary remark, Parliament points out that Regulation (EC) No
1049/2001 applies to the documents held by the European Parliament, and
not to information. The institution is not bound to search for and produce
information so as to reply to an application for access to documents, and
it is generally not its policy.  


However, the maximum grant amount awarded to Portuguese newspaper Público
in application of the relevant grant agreement is EUR 80.600,00.


It is understood that the terms and conditions are set out on Parliament's
webpage dedicated to grants, under the section on Media Grants:



In view of the foregoing, Parliament considers you application as handled
and closes the file. Should you be interested in accessing a specific
Parliament document please do not hesitate to submit a new application.


Kind regards,





European Parliament
Directorate General
for the Presidency
Directorate for
and Legislative


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Dear AccesDocs, Dear European Parliament,

As far as I know, the EP does not publish a list of reference numbers to all documentation it produces, thus I cannot ask for a referenced document. I didn't ask for information, I asked for documentation. I described what I was looking for because I thought it would be easier and quicker for you to find the documents I'm looking for.
As an example, you say the newspaper received a "maximum grant (...) of EUR 80.600,00". This number must be in some document, and not the "maximum grant", but the exact number the newspaper received.
Another example, there must be documents with the proposal of what that newspaper decided to do, there also must be a document, where the EP agrees and justifies it is a good proposal, there must be a document where the conditions are set up specifically for this newspaper (how many articles the newspaper say would write, where were they published, would they be free to access or could they be behind a paywall or behind another type of impediment, etc.).
Again, I'm telling what I need to verify because I think it would be easier for you. I can reformulate my request, by asking all the documents (emails, proposals, signed agreements, reports, drafts, etc.) regarding this project between the newspaper Público and the European Parliament and I will try to find the document I'm looking for on my own time.

Thank you for the link to the website, but I was there and didn't find the documents I was looking for, thus decided to make the request.

Yours sincerely,

Paula Simoes