Request to issue visa for Austria on human rights basis due to husband’s bad health

Shamsa Qamar a fait une demande de Accès à l'information à Agence des droits fondamentaux de l'Union européenne

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Dear European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

My name is Shamsa Qamar and I am a citizen of Pakistan. My husband; Muhammad Irfan, DOB: 12-01-1978, Visa # A33468123 is a resident of Vienna,Austria. He has been working there for more than 14 years. On start of this year he was diagnosed with brain tumor and went through a major and critical brain surgery and stayed around a month in hospital . At that time it wasn’t him who was in pain but me as well. What could be worse than that We were far away from each other on this crucial time .We (me and our 1 and half year old son) really wanted to see him but couldn’t because of lack of resources. Moreover he was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol.. Now from 2 months he is suffering from epilepsy . In one month he has been admitted 2 times in hospital and still there . Doctors have decided to operate him second time next month.His condition is not much stable that he can take care of himself which is main reason of his continuous illness. His elder brother is a citizen of Austria but he can’t look after him due to his family and work life. I want to take good care of him by myself which he badly needed. A person with tumor, diabetes, cholesterol and can’t live and care about his health alone. My husband is hard working guy who never stopped working despite of his bad health. Being a resident of EU country this is his right that his family(spouse and child) should live with him which currently is not being possible due to strict policies and rules of visa towards Austria. He doesn’t have enough resources to fulfill requirements To take us with him in Austria.
Please issue visa for me and my child on human rights basis as it’s not about policies and laws it’s about humanity. We want to be there with him as soon as possible so that he gets operated without stress of being far away from us.
Please take action on my request on urgent basis because it’s a matter of my husband’s life. I can also provide his medical reports if needed.
Thank you
Yours faithfully,
Shamsa Qamar
36 c block D
Gulshan e Mustufa Housing society.
Johar town Lahore. Pakistan.