State of implementation of the project “Integrated approach to protection and emergency assistance to vulnerable and stranded migrants in Libya” funded through the EU Trust Fund

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Salvatore Fachile

Dear International Cooperation and Development,

I am requesting information in relation to the implementation of the project “Integrated approach to protection and emergency assistance to vulnerable and stranded migrants in Libya” (T05-EUTF-NOA-LY-06), which is funded through the EU Trust Fund (established following the decision of the European Commission n. C (2015) 7293 FINAL).

In the founding agreement of the EUTF governing and managing bodies are established as follows:
1. a Trust Fund Committee, chaired by the Commission (DG DEVCO - the Commission's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development -) and assisted by the European External Action Service (EEAS) and by others Commission services;
2. an Operational Committee (OpCom) for each window, which examines and approves actions financed by the Trust Fund;
3. while the management of the Trust Fund is ensured by the Commission, which acts as the secretariat of the Trust Fund Committee and of the operational committees.

As written in the Action Document for the implementation of the North Africa Window T05-EUTF-NOA-LY-06:
a. “The proposed action seeks to address the escalating protection concerns of migrants through interventions at disembarkation points, detention centers, in remote southern desert areas, and urban settings”;
b. “This Action aims to strengthen and enhance the capacity of relevant Libyan authorities through targeted trainings notably on international practices on detention policies, rights-based migration management and registration of migrants”.
c. One of the expected Result consists in “improving conditions for migrant detainees in DCIM-run detention centers and Libyan Coast Guards reception centers” through “trainings (…) on detention policies 
(…)” and “continuing human rights training and sensitization for DCIM, Libyan Coast Guard, and relevant authorities.” Please note, in relation to the violations of human rights of migrants and refugees by the DCIM, the report of Amnesty International “Libya’s dark web of collusion”

- In-depth Guidelines on how to carry out the activities generically indicated in the Action Document T05-EUTF-NOA-LY-06
- Any agreement signed between the EU and the project managing partners, which are the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR);

- Information concerning detailed activities that are being implemented by the IOM and the UNHCR with local partners (like DCIM and Libyan Coast Guard), especially:
• implementation plans and agreements,
• data on beneficiaries reached and estimated to be reached,
• monitoring reports on performed activities
• and a list of actions that have already been planned for the future;

- Minutes of the meetings of the Operational Committee, as the body responsible for reviewing and approving the actions financed by the EUTF, and evaluating reports of the impact of this project on migrants and refugees human rights in Libya

- Financial reports detailing the expenditure items of the 29 000 000 Euros budget so far invested in the project.

Yours faithfully,

Salvatore Fachile
Italian Lawyer
Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 8
00195 - Rome (Italy)